3d Paper Easter Egg Ornaments

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Learn how to make Easter Egg ornaments with us today, with our 3d Paper Easter Egg craft! These paper Easter eggs are super easy to make and are the perfect Egg Ornament for your Easter Tree. Paper Easter crafts are so fun, easy and versatile to make.

Paper Egg Ornaments

These Paper Easter Egg Ornaments are a great craft for kids of all ages. It is a simple concept that looks great.

In today’s post, we have actually turned it into a 2 for 1 3d Paper Easter Egg craft for you! These paper Easter Eggs make great pop up cards, as well as great 3d Easter Egg ornaments. They are based on the popular “paper bauble” ornament technique and a easy and fun to make.

Fun seasonal activity with multiple applications.

Once made these paper ornaments can be added to an Easter Tree as a centrepiece to your Easter table. Or can be strung up into a garland. You can add them to floral arrangements or other centerpieces when decorating for Easter!

Paper Egg Ornament: Lesson plan objectives/ Learning Opportunities

  • Develop fine motor skills & accuracy
  • Reading skills & following instructions
  • Looking at symmetry & shapes
  • Seasonal fun

Supplies needed to make 3d Paper Easter Egg Ornaments

  • Paper in desired colors – pieces of lightweight paper are best – but any paper will work really
  • Pens, markers or crayons for decorating if using plain white paper – you can make this as arty as you wish and art all sorts of embellishments!
  • Bakers twine, a piece of string or ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • An egg shaped cookie cutter is handy if not using our printables
  • (Cardstock if making pop up Easter Egg cards!)

The printable comes in several options

  • 2 sets of larger eggs x 6 for card making – full color and design your own
  • 2 sets of smaller eggs x8 for ornament making – full color and design your own

Though the sizes can be interchanged and are just a question of preference!

As mentioned above, you can use an Easter egg shaped cookie cutter as a template or make use of our handy 7 page lesson plan pack over on Teacher’s Pay Teachers. This includes a lesson plan overview, a 2 page worksheet showing you how to make an Egg Bauble, as well as a pop up egg card and 4 Egg Options as outlined above! Purchasing this pack, also helps support the upkeep of this website! The packs are great for working in the classroom, sunday school or running an easy Easter craft session at the library!

How to make Easter Egg Ornaments from Paper

How do you make paper Easter decorations?

You can make these paper egg ornaments in 4 easy steps! They really are not very complicated at all to make. You need to cut, fold, glue and combine.. and that really is it – these Easter Eggs are so easy to make. Read on for step details and step photo instructions!

Choosing your egg templates

a choice of 4 egg templates
Use your own pretty paper, decorate your eggs with markers or paints or use the full color printables!

You can use an Easter Egg Cookie cutter to trace, browse the web for an egg outline (but may take a little fiddling to get the right size) or use our templates (with a choice of size and full color vs “color your own templates!).

Choose whether to make a 3d Easter Egg card or ornament. The card needs 6 of the larger eggs. The ornament looks great with the 8 smaller eggs. But you can use either!

Also, choose to use the full color printable or design your own eggs! Designing your own eggs is super fun, you can use markers, crayons, watercolors, eco friendly glitter or even stickers! Keep it is simple or detailed as you wish!

Cut your egg ornament shapes

cut your egg shapes

Once you have decorate your eggs (or chosen to use our full color printable), cut out 6-8 eggs.

Fold and assemble the paper egg shapes

fold and add glue to the eggs

Fold the eggs in half as neatly as possible.

Make sure you find the centre, so they are neatly folded and you get a “perfect” as possible egg half.

Add glue to one side of one of the fold egg half shapes.

stack the paper eggs

Now take the next half of a folded egg and place it on top of the first egg where the glue is.

Add glue to this second egg and stack the third shape and repeat with the third and fourth egg. Continue, until all 6 or 8 eggs have been glued together in this way.

Easter Egg Stack

You should now have a stack of eggs that are folded in half.

Making a Pop up Easter Egg Card

pop up easter egg card
An easy Easter Egg pop up card

Add glue to one half of the eggs.

Glue into the card, aligning the spine of the egg stack, with the central line of your cardstock.

Add glue to the exposed side of the eggs.

easy pop up egg card

Close the card. This will secure the exposed side in place.

Your basic Easter Egg Pop Up card is finished. You can now add personalized Happy Easter messages to your handmade card – or even add extra details – such as some paper Easter grass along the bottom of the card or decorating the front of the card! Lots of options to further personalize this Easter card!

DIY 3d Paper Easter Egg Ornaments

We don’t have a video tutorial for these paper Easter eggs – however the video on autoplay, does show our lovely Paper Bunny Ornament, which is very similar in design and shape! So do take a peak at that too!

As mentioned, the ornaments can be made with 6 or 8 egg pieces, it is a question of preference! You can also use the larger or the smaller eggs.

paper easter egg ornament

Once you have you stack of eggs, get a piece of ribbon, twine or a piece of string. Fold it in half and knot at one end.

Place the twine along the spine of the eggs – so it runs down the center of the egg.

Add lots of glue to both sides of the egg.

Then bring the right flap over and connect with the flap on the left hand side and press to secure the glue and the twine.

3d Egg Ornament for the Easter tree

Your Easter Egg ornament is finished!

As mentioned above, these are wonderful addition to any Easter decorations or centrepieces. You can even have a lovely DIY paper basket filled with these paper eggs as part of your display! Just a simple, fun and kid friendly craft!

Easter Egg Ornament DIY
Making 3d Paper Easter Eggs is easy and fun!

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Check out this compilation of Easter Egg Card cuties!

pop up easter eggs 3 ways

We have and Easter Egg & Bunny version, as well as an Easter Egg & Chick version.

Or our lovely Easter Tree we made a few years ago using tissue paper blossoms on painted hollow eggs:

easter tree
Such a cheery time of year!

We have tons of Easter crafts and Easter decorations here on Red Ted Art, do have a good browse and ENJOY! And I do hope you love these little easy paper bunny ornaments as much as we do!

Other Easter Tree ornaments you could make could include:

  • Salt dough Easter Egg Ornaments – using our tried and tested salt dough recipe, egg shaped cookie cutters and posca pens to decorate
  • Use blown out eggs and simply dye eggs
  • Get the kids to use up some of their Perler Beads/ Hama beads stash and make some colorful bead egg ornaments
  • Sew some ornaments (e.g. we have some little bunny faces made from felt)

Do share any of your FINISHED makes with me on Instagram, Facebook or even TikTok! Would love to see your finished Red Ted Art crafts!

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