The Scarecrows’ Wedding – book, craft, watch!

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Scamp Theatre

Oooh we are excited about today’s post!!! There is nothing better that I have loved doing with the kids over the years, is to read a good book and then get crafty…

But now you can go a step further… read, make and then go to the theatre to watch a fantastic stage production!!!!!! Yes, Julia Donaldson’s The Scarecrow’s Wedding is being brought to life on stage by Scamp Theatre Productions!

Running from 20 July 2019 – 1st September at Leicester Square Theatre and then across the UK until 29 December 2019… make this a summer excursion, back to school treat or a Christmas special.

We have been delighted by Scamp Theatre productions in the past (their Stickman is amazing) and just know that The Scarecrows’ Wedding will be a hit too! So… here we go:

The Book

Created by the fantastic children’s book duo – Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler, you will find a fantastic storyline supported by those well know illustrations.

Betty O’Barley and Harry O’Hay are excellent scarecrows. Their wedding plans are all coming together until Harry leaves Betty’s side and the devilishly smooth Reginald Rake tries to take Harry’s place. Will Harry make it back in time to save their special day? 

Get your copy of this lovely book here US/ UK.

The Scarecrow Crafts

We love Scarecrows. Such a fun craft topic for kids and have three fabulous Scarecrow crafts for you to try:

A super fun Scarecrow Puppet to make with younger kids. Take advantage of our Scarecrow Puppet Printable – you can choose from “colour your own” or “ready coloured” – then cut, assemble and play!

One of my favourite Toilet Paper Roll Crafts of all time – the Scarecrows!! Teaches your kids SIMPLE origami and is also a pretty “low mess” craft, as all you need its Toilet Paper Rolls, paper off cuts and some glue to make these cute Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrows (oh and some funky hair.. but you can make these from paper too).

And look how easy it was to turn our scarecrows from before into Betty!! So cute!

And finally, what would a “set of” crafts be without one of our oh so popular Corner Bookmark Designs? Again.. learn how to make a basic corner bookmark (nice and easy!) and then with some simple shapes and snips here and there, you can turn them into these fabulous Scarecrow Bookmark Corners!

What do you think? Aren’t they cute?

Now you have enjoyed the story, made your craft… it’s time to visit the THEATRE!!! And really see the story brought to life!

As mentioned, Scamp Theatre is showing this play:

  • 20th July 2019 – 29th December 2019
  • A number of venues (check full listings for most convenient to you)

Here is a little preview for you: