Toilet Roll Farm Animal Crafts for Preschoolers

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We love all crafting with toddlers, kindergartners and preschoolers! They have many things in common – they (usually) love to get stuck in, they love to make “lots” and they LOVE animals – espeically farm animals. Well.. as a fan of Toilet Roll Crafts here on Red Ted Art, I thought I would share our collection of Toilet Roll Farm Animal Crafts with you today.

easy farmyard crafts toilet roll
Toilet Paper Roll Farmyard Crafts are so easy and fun!

Kids of all ages can of course enjoy making these toilet roll farm anmals.. I just find that preschoolers especially are drawn to these. And often will end up playing with them for hours afterwards. These farmyard animal crafts are perfect for homeschool preschool or the more traditional classroom environment. too!

We particularly love working with toilet paper rolls, as they are a free resource and environmentally friendly. You can of course also use the cardboard tubes from the inside of Kitchen Paper Towels if you prefer. Move of paper plates.. we LOVE toilet rolls! Check out the cuteness you can create!

Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow

Cutest Scarecrow Craft

I am gooing to be unconventional and start things off with our stinking cute Toilet Roll Scarecrow rather than the farmyard animals..! But Scarecrows are part of the farm too, right? And I really didn’t want you to misse them “at the end of the post” somewhere. These little scarecrows are SOOOOO popular with kindergartners and preschoolers and every year a ton of these are made all over the world (I know, because I get tagged on Instagram and Facebook!). One year, we made a set in the colours from Julia Donaldson’s The Scarecrow’s Wedding.. SO CUTE!

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Toilet Roll Chicken Craft

Chicken Treat Boxes
These Paper Roll Chickens make great treat boxes too!

First up the Toilet Roll Chicken! I love this one, as it is so “clever” – the little pyramid shape is super easy to create.. and you don’t even have to paint the toilet roll yellow or white to make this a cute craft. This first craft is your super duper quick and easy 5 minute craf. Oh and did I mention you could fill the chicken with treats? Yep! They double up as treat boxes too! Yay.

upcycled wine cork crafts

If you are looking for more a tradtional chick toilet paper roll craft, I am sneaking in this cork chick.. Just as a guide for you as you can easily adapt the design to toilet paper rolls. Grab some yellow paint. Some yellow paper for the little chick wings and you are all set! I love how the features – i.e. eyes and beak are drawn on. But again, you can cut them out from paper or felt too! Or add googly eyes if you wish. Always popular with preschoolers. Such cuteness!

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Toilet Paper Roll Pig Craft

three little pigs
I added felt noses, but a pink button nose would be adorable too!

No farmyard would be the a farm, without some adorable Toilet Roll Pigs, right?! Once again our little piggies are super easy to make. Here they are featured with a “Big bad wolf” for a story of the Three Little Pigs. But if you change the Wolf’s eye brows, and do away with the teeth, switch the colours out and add some patches, this could easily be a sweet Farmyard Dog too! If you want to keep these a little “low mess”, you can wrap your toilet roll in pink paper instead of using pink paint! Then add features with a black marker…

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Toilet Paper Roll Sheep Craft

Yarn wrapping is a super fun way to decorate a toilet roll

I have two toilet roll sheep for you today. I think I prefer the first one – ie this Shaun the Sheep Craft… as it is a little easier to make AND we love yarn wrapping.. Yarn wrapping is a wonderful activity for preschoolers – encouraging fine motor skills, but also a super tactile craft! And.. as you are yarn wrapping your cardboard tube, you can make this a very “low mess” activity by avoiding the white paint! You could cut your toilet rolls in half and make little lambs too!

Cotton wool is also great when crafting with toddlers and preschoolers

My other sheep was a little more labout intensive.. ha! But I DO love the cotton wool as did the kids. So you could give this Cotton Wool Toilet Roll Sheep a go to!

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Toilet Paper Roll Goats

Farm Wife Crafts to the rescue with these adorable Toilet Roll Goats – which I confess, I did not have in my farmyard crafts repetoire. Again, I love the cotton wool, as will your toddlers and preschoolers. And how cute is the little heart nose? Fabulous! Just cut out your simple shapes from brown construction paper (ears and horns), glue them on with the cotton wool and large googly eyes and done.. Such a fun activity!

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Toilet Paper Roll Cow

Highland Cow Toilet Paper Roll Craft - great for year of the ox too

So this little guy is in fact a yak craft.. but I do think a yak and a highland cow, especially when crafting are pretty similar! So I guess this is a bit of a “cheat” as far as Toilet Paper Roll Cows go.. but to keep you happy, we also have:

toilet roll cow

… this Toilet Paper Roll Cow by Crafts by Amanda! As you can see, it is a very similar make, you just have to work with different colours!

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Toilet Paper Roll Horse

I have QUITE made a toilet paper roll horse either.. but I HAVE Made a Toilet Paper Roll Unicorn before.. so surely that counts.. right?! Same craft.. just leave out the horn and and the wings!

Handmade Charlotte has a beautiful Toilet Roll Horse (stuffed with treats as party favours) too! That tissue paper mane is just lovely.. and love that this is still biodegradable. You may be able to use strong cardstock instead of popsicle sticks for legs too! Add little nostrils and eyes in pen if you wish. But I love them plain as they are!

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Toilet Roll Cat

Cat TP Roll Box

Last few now.. here is our super sweet Toilet Roll Cat Craft! They even have a tail on the reverse side. So sweet.

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Toilet Paper Roll Dog

And of course every farm needs a dog! We have a super fun Cardboard Tube Dog Marionette from many years ago.. OR…..

Frugal Fun For Boys, has also made these cute Toilet Paper Roll Dogs! How fun!

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Toilet Roll Rabbits

Finally.. though I know you saw our little cork rabbits up above, we do have our own Toilet Roll Bunny Rabbits again. Again, they are super quick and easy low mess make, unless you choose to paint your toilet rolls first! Grab your scissors, cut out some simple shapes and add them to your toilet paper roll. Then add final features with a black marker pen and maybe some fun googly eyes and you are done!

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farm animal crafts
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