Adorable Valentines Origami Projects for Kids of all ages

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Time for some Valentines Origami. Of course today’s paper crafts projects are also suitable for birthdays, Mother’s Day or even Christmas.. as the general theme of “love” applies to all! I also use the term “Valentines Origami” loosely. We love to embellish our origami with paper hearts or markers, in order to turn it into a seasonal craft! So.. lets get started on today’s easy Kids Valentines Crafts.

Valentines Origami

As with many seasonal crafts or themed crafts, sometimes, you simply need to take a “generic” DIY project and customise by using a different colour. For example pinks and reds to turn it into a Valentine’s Day Craft. For example, below I share an adorable little paper origami box in blue.

If you use some pretty Valentines paper (maybe red with pink hearts), you instantly have a lovely Valentine’s Day Box! Alternatively, all you need to add is some cut out paper heart embellishments, and hey presto.. a bat, is an origami bat.. you catch my drift!

Fun Valentines’ Day Origami Projects

heart origami
These also make a great origami heart bookmark

Simple Origami Hearts

Let’s start of with some simple hearts! These are an easy origami project that needs a long piece of paper. Super cute! You can use them as little corner bookmarks too! Or string up and make a cute garland decoration. Alternatively, turn them into conversation hearts with little “Ur Cute” or “BFF forever” type messages.

Heart Origami Gift Box

Of course any Valentines Day origami must include a paper gift box! Use valentines Origami Paper to make this rectangular gift box (see the following post for a square one). Any pretty patterned paper will do. But reds and pinks always lovely. You could of course make this paper gift box in plain white and then decorate it with marker pens. Maybe draw lilies or roses onto it? Then fill with small gifts and treats! So lovely! Yay! Check out the simple tutorial today.

origami paper box

Square Origami Box

And here is the square version of our simple Origami Box. The instructions and folds for both boxes are exactly the same. The only difference is, that the rectangular box is made using a rectangular paper and the square box made using square paper. As mentioned, using pretty Valentines patterned paper would be perfect for this origami gift box! Once kids get the hang of these, they will making boxes all the time!

Easy Newspaper Envelopes

Valentines Origami Envelope Recycled Newspaper

This is a great example of a basic origami project, turned Valentine’s Day by decorating it with hearts. Newspapers can quickly and easily be turned into origami envelopes to send your homemade Valentines Cards with. Then decorate the front with big hearts, add a label and you are all set!

Origami Valentines Gnome

We love combining Valentine’s Origami with greeting cards. Like our set of doodle Origami Gnomes. The gnome pattern is a great beginners project. Make them in pinks and reds and stick them to a card. And hey presto you have yourself an Origami Valentines Gnome. Now you just need a gnomie pun or two!

Mother's Day Card - Origami Whale - I Whaley Love You, Mum
Ah lovely card for mom or your Valentines crush.

Valentines Origami Whale

We have the same approach for our Valentines Origami Whale – I think this cute paper whale makes a Whaley good greeting card.. as well as…

Easy Valentine's Origam Bat

Valentines Origami Bat

…our ridiculously cute Valentines Origami Bat! They double up nicely as bat corner bookmarks too. Or connect the bat wings with a little tape on the back, to make an Origami Bat garland. Too cute! I do like them was as Valentine’s Day Cards though. So sweet!

Valentines Day Corner Bookmark Projects

So we have some lovely Valentine’s Origami Bookmark Corners for you to try out. These are a classic example of making a simple basic origami project (the corner bookmark) and then you decorate it for your holiday season! We have a whole set of Valentines Bookmarks for you browse, but here the origami based ones.

What a Hoot – Valentine’s Owl Corner Bookmarks! These owl bookmarks are so easy to make. Get out your pink paper and red paper… make your basic corner bookmarks and then decorate them with paper hearts. So fun and easy to make. A

Love bug Bookmarks – we do love a “love bug” craft.. and these love bug bookmarks are no exception. Love how cute they are and how you can decorate them in whatever patterns and colours you wish

Showering you with Love Bookmark – we do love a kawaii bookmark, and these “shower you with love” bookmarks are just adorable

Favourite Valentine’s Origami from around the web

valentines origami
Puffy Origami Hearts for Valentines

3d Valentines Origami Hearts

Paper Kawaii shows us how to make these lovely Puffy Hearts Origami Projects. Simply gorgeous!

unicorn valentines
This would love lovely added to Valentine’s Day Cards too!

Valentines Unicorn Origami Heart

Based on the Kirigami Hearts shared above, our friend Willowday makese these serioulsy cute Unicorn Heart Bookmarks!

valentines origami

Valentines Origami Cat & Heart

Paper Kawaii also has this adorable Valentines Origami Cat with Heart! Aren’t they adorable.

Panda heart origami

Panda Heart Origami

Toy Box on Youtube shares these adorable Kawaii Panda Heart Origami projects. Aren’t they ADORABLE?! Love! Youtube is a great medium for learning to fold origami! Do hop on over and take a look!

valentines cat in heart origami

Cat in Heart (only one sheet of Origami Paper)

OrigamiAko makes these super cute Valentine’s Cat in Heart origami. And it olnly needs one sheet of paper!! Say whaaaat! How cute.

Origami envelope

Origami Valentine’s day gift card envelope

Like Origami has designed this super cute Valentine’s Cat Origami Envelope. Perfect for gift cards.

Pocket Heart Origami

Origami Heart Pockets to add your favourite Kawaii Characters

Polly’s Origami has another wonderful video tutorial sharing how to make this adorable Origami Heart Pocket – just pop your favourite character inside as well as a little love not to your special person or BFF!

I hope you will give some of these paper folding ideas a go. They really are fun. Not only do they make a lovely craft, but they are also a great educational tool. Paper folding helps increase spatial awareness, teaches maths concepts such as angles, diagonals and symmtery and are great for as mindfulness activities!

If you are feeling inspired, why not check out our Valentine’s Card ideas too? Here is an extensive collection of handmade cards to make.

Valentines Cards for Kids to Make
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