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Toilet Roll Angels

| December 11, 2013 | 10 Comments

The Toilet Roll Crafts season continues… this Winter we have had a TP Roll Rudolph, a TP Roll Santa and of course our TP Roll Snowmen (bowling). Busy indeed! Don’t forget our little TP Rolls 3 Kings, which would be a great addition to any nativity scene. I have “meaning to” to make TP Roll Angels for AGES. And for some reason we never really got around to it. Until now. And as my kids LOVE painting so much, we ended up making six! Please note… you could do these without painting too – I know paint isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! Pointers in the instructions!

Toilet Roll Angel

Toilet Roll Angel Materials

Toilet Roll Angel Craft

  • Toilet Roll
  • White & Pink Paint
  • Lace or fabric
  • Wool
  • Old card
  • Glitter glue
  • Embroidery thread or ribbon
  • Star sticker or cut one out
  • PVA glue
  • Black and light pink pens

The above SOUNDS like a lot, but we improvised with what we had in the house… have a look at what you have already and see how you could replace any items you don’t have handy.

I pretty much used “recycled”/ left over materials only. Thrifty all the way!

Toilet Roll Angel How To

Toilet Roll Crafts for Kids

1) The kids painted the top 1/3 pink and the bottom 2/3 white. If you don’t like painting, you could use white fabric (e.g. an old sheet or old shirt) to wrap around the bottom. For the face, stick on a rectangle of pink paper and wrap it round the loo roll.

Toilet Roll Angel Crafts for Kids

2) We then cut out some angel wings – from some card that we got out of a shirt packaging – you know the card that is inserted to keep stiff and neat looking in the shop? It was already white, so super handy! The kids used glitter glue to decorate. I was impressed at how their control over the glitter glue was coming along. If you don’t have glitter glue, you could decorate the wings with pens or stickers. Or PVA and loose glitter.

Angel Craft Ideas

3) Once dry, we added hair – we wrapped some wool around a CD case. Added lots of glue around the sides of the head and then placed the wool on top and arranged it, so it looked even and stuck to the loo roll. If necessary add a few strands here and there.

4) We then tied the embroidery thread (2 strands) around the head – this helped tidy the hair a little, keep it in place and also made a little halo type decoration, once you added the star at the front.

Angel Craft Idea

5) The kids then added one strip of lace – I would have been happy to wrap it all in lace, but one seemed plenty.

6) Add a face with pens (the kids insisted on copying mine…).

7) Glue on the wings and let dry.

TP Roll Angel Tree toppers

I love that the kids added the little bells from a Chocolate Santa they got on St Nic’s Day. Also, they each put an angel on one of their Fake Christmas Trees that they have in their bedrooms. Aaaaah!

Toilet Roll Angel

Finished! I think they make BEAUTIFUL Angels for the top of the Christmas tree. We are so pleased with them!

Looking for more inspiration, check out Crafts by Amanda, for another cute angel!

cardboard-angel-christmas-craft-photo-420x420-aformaro-01-600x553And we have a whole set of TP Roll Christmas Crafts here:

12 Christmas TP Roll Crafts


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  1. Pinkoddy says:

    They are amazing. I am loving the use of wool – would make a great beard too. Thank you for your further inspiration.

  2. What a sweet craft! I really love it.

  3. Johanna GGG says:

    Gorgeous – if we had time we might make these but days for christmas craft are quickly running out as we have much else to do (but have taken inspiration from your christmas bauble cards for our christmas cards)

  4. Those are adorable!

    Pinning this for later!

  5. Mari says:

    I blame you for having a cupboard entirely FULL of toilet rolls waiting for this very moment. The girls are going to LOVE doing this once they break up from school, it will be the perfect craft to do with them, thank you xxx

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