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Rainbow Crafts & Activities

| January 22, 2014 | 6 Comments

So, I think that this is a great time to explore rainbow crafts and activities. We are still stuck in dull, grey winter.. and with the sparkle of Christmas behind us, we need something to cheers us up. Of course, you have St Patricks Day around the corner and rainbow crafts are great as St Particks Day Crafts too.. or you may want to revisit the post in the Summer.. Rainbow crafts are just great all year round!!!

20 Rainbow Crafts to delight

As per usual we created our little Rainbow Crafts “Video” for you, followed, by a host of more details links for you to explore and browse!!

Rainbow Crafts Video:

Rainbow Crafts links

Red Ted Art:

1) Rainbow Waldorf Math Gnomes (beginning of Video)

2) Rainbow Tissue Paper Jar (1min)

3) Rainbow Fairy Peg Dolls (1min 37 sec)

4) Rainbow cake (2min 30sec)

Kids Chaos:

5) Rainbow Cranes (3min 20sec)

6) Rainbow Paper Heart Garland (4min 10sec)

7) Rainbow Paper Wreath/ Frame (and white paper claws!) (4min 45sec)

8) Rainbow Paper Garland ( 5min 31 sec)

Zing Zing Tree:

9) Paper Plate Rainbow Garden (5min 50sec)

10) Rainbow Bleed Art (7min)

11) Rainbow Needle Felting Art (8min 15sec)

Domestic Goddesque:

12) Letter Art – Rainbow PomPoms (9min) – also check out Kelly’s Rainbow Themed Birthday Party!

13) Rainbow Cardboard Crown (10min 30sec)

14) TP Roll Rainbow Treat Box/ Mini Pinata (11min 45 sec)

Me and My Shadow:

15) Rainbow Bucket of Gold (13min Sec)

16) Rainbow Peanut Butter & Chocolate Bark (14min 11sec)

17) Rainbow Fruit Kebabs (15min)

18) Rainbow Beads Gift (with secret compartment) (15min 30)

Additional Rainbow Crafts

Rainbow Butterfly Canvas

Rainbow cookies

And ssssshhh there is some RAINBOW POPCORN in my book!!!

Rainbow Popcorn

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  1. Liz Burton says:

    Awesome ideas!

    I think I need to plan a rainbow party!

  2. wow – we have so many rainbow crafts to chose from now!! fabulouso!

  3. oooh a rainbow party sounds very cool!

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