How to make your backpack stand out


The year seems to fly by…. the summer holidays are upon us before I know.. and then I blink and already it is “back to school”. And with back to school.. it is a wonderful opportunity (as ever) to get crafty and make some DIY Back to School accessories – a fun way to jazz up your regular school supplies! Today’s post is all about customizing your backpack with some cute backpack accessories! And creating some fun and quirky backpack charms! How to make your backpack stand out!

Backpack Charms

DIY your cute backpack accessories ideas

To be fair, pretty much my favourite way to customize your backpack, is to adorn it with badges, pins and backpack charms (aka keychains). I love these options as you can chop and change your backpack throughout the year and update as your tastes evolve too!

I love pimping up your backpack with some DIY ideas.. as it basically can get you school ready on a budget!

Here are some of our examples:

Handsew some backpack charms

Let’s start of withs ome fuzzy Heart Monster Backpack Charms! These are full of love and fun! And who doesn’t love to craft with some fuzzy craft fur? Make one, make three.. make them for your friends! Too cute!

heart charms - Cute backpack accessories

Similarly, pimp up your backpack, with some adorable Heart Felt Pins and these cute Kawaii Hearts too (again these would look great on packpacks or converted into Key Chains). I love the use of split pins, but as you can see on these Felt Kawaii Hearts you can achieve lots of cuteness with some handsewn features too.

We have more similar felt sewing projects that would work adorably as back charms here:

Macrame Paracord Backpack Charms

Have you tried paracords and macrame? Combine the two for some perfect tween crafting! Durable and colourful!

backpack charms

When it comes to paracrods, we particularly love these adorable Paracord People! Make a set of BFFs and share them with your friends.

dragonfly paracord

Or similarly, have a go at these Paracord Dragonflies – all you need is a couple of beads and some paracord and you are ready to get making. You can also attach some key chains for easy accessorising your backpacls.

Fun with Yarn Backpack pompoms:

Learn how to make pom poms with a cardboard disc and some yarn tassels with your fingers! Then combine with beads, different colours and quirky pom pom designs (from Fox Pom Poms to Penguin Pom Poms) and you have yourself as et of backpack charms ready!

backpack charms

Once you have master the pom pom basics, you can keep it simple and combine some colourful pom poms and hand tassles to make these  Pom pom Backpack charms, or…

Cute backpack accessories

You can go themed, as with these adorable Pom Pom Foxes for your backpacks!

Here are some more pom pom ideas that you may want to try out:

Other type of Backpack Charms

Here are some more ideas for you!

minecraft swords

Perler beads make GREAT backpack charm accessories – so long as you iron them REALLY WELL! Then they are strong and durable. We have made a number or perler bead crafts over the years, but I think these two would be lovely as backpack charms!

Finger knitted backpack charms

And you know know how much we LOVE finger knitting, right? Finger knitting is super fun and easy to get into and there are a variety of things you can make. As backpack accessories, we particularly like these two projects!

Hope you enjoyed these cute backpack accessories and feel inspired to give them a go! More fun for back to school here:

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Cute backpack accessories