Cute Felt Softies – Bunny

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So this is a post that has had LOTS of inspiration from LOTS of places. We made these little cute felt softies bunny after two guest posts here on Red Ted Art – we recently had some felt heart brooches and a felt heart mobile.. both just too cute. As big bunny lovers in our house, I wanted to have a go at some felt bunny brooches. When Pip Squeak came come, she said, can we make little felt softies instead? I agreed, especially since, I have been eyeing up these “Tin Can Pets” for aaaaaages.. ad wanted to make something similar with the kids:

Pocket Pets

More info from Larrisa Holland

Sewing our little Cute Felt Softies Bunny, also prompted me to write this post about Teaching kids to Sew! Take  a look and hopefully you will find it helpful!

Cute Felt Softies Free Rabbit Pattern - how to teach kids to sew

Felt Bunny Craft

Cute Felt Softies – Bunny – Materials

  • Small pieces of felt for the bunny
  • One larger piece (in our case approx 15cm x 5cm)
  • Our simple felt softie bunny pattern
  • Contrasting embroidery thread
  • A little glue
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Lace/ decorative ribbon (optional)

And of course your FREE Rabbit Sewing Pattern

How to Sew Cute Felt Softies

NOTE: my daughter and I made these after school on a dark dark dark Friday afternoon.. I wanted to catch the sewing process.. but it means the photos are a little dark than usual – so I apologise for the quality!!!!!

how to sew a felt softy with kids. Adorable little bunny craft for Easter

Cute out all your pieces… in hindsight…. if you are sewing with kids, you MAY want to make one piece of your bunny include all the arms, legs and ears.. this gives the final felts softy a different “feel”, but it is easier to sew. Alternatively, make sure they are a little “longer”, so you can “tuck” more of your arms, legs and ears into your seams!

sewing with kids - make adorable little bunny felt softies

Using a simple running stitch start sewing around your bunny.

Sewing projects for kids - felt softie bunnyLeave a little opening on the side.

how to sew a felt softy with kids, adorable little bunny craft for Easter

For your stuffing to go into.  Then sew shut.

Sewing projects for kids - felt softie bunnies

Glue on your eyes, nose and heart!

How to Sew an Easy Felt Bunny Softie. A super cute sewing project for kids

Then make a simple bed out of rectangular piece of felt. Sew up the side, across the top and down the other side again. If necessary, add a few stitches to keep your lace in place.

I sewed the little bed for the felt softy bunny, as Pip Squeak had run out of sewing steam. I think that is totally fine – as kids should ENJOY sewing and it is a crucial part of teaching kids to sew… so let the kids to as much or little as they wont, but keep them interested!

Isn’t this little bunny craft it the cutest?

Free Felt Bunny Sewing Pattern

That night.. when I went to bed… I found this little “shrine” to bunny!! 🙂 clearly someone is very very happy about her sewing project!

The next day, Red Ted asked if we could sew another little felt softie.. and we made a little Felt Softy Bear!! Check it out here for more felt softies free patterns:

Cute Felt Softies, get your free patter to make these adorable woodland softies. Really LOVE the bunny and bear!

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I hope you have a go at our mini  cute felt softies bunny!!!! more patterns coming soon!