Fun June Activities for Kids

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There are many fun activities for kids to explore in the month of June!! Of course, as always we have lots of easy crafts for kids for you, but our “collections”, also include other activities that get you out and about (depending on the event of course) or educational June activities (such as letter writing or books).. so.. let’s take a peak of what “to do” in the month of June with kids!

Some fantastic themes for June to explore!

A collection of june activities for kids

What are themes for the month of June?

There are many things to explore this June – if you want a quick peak at all our June Crafts, you can just hop over and browse the blog posts for June. But I have also go through the themes in a bit more “order” here! Many I have expanded on below – simply click on the links to jump down to your June theme of interest! June for many is also a month of Summer Holidays… so of course lots of outdoor fun and general summer activities is on the agenda for June!

Pride Month Activities

Though I don’t specifically have Pride Month activities, I do have many wonderful rainbow activities group by “general kids rainbow crafts” and a set for preschoolers. Though my favourite rainbow craft of all time, are our pop up rainbow cards. Easy to make and so fun!

World Ocean Day – 8th June

World Ocean Day is on June 8th. Think of World Ocean Day, being a bit like Earth Day, but with a focus on the oceans – very much about the conservation of oceans and eco friendly activities. But also a fun opportunity to explore ocean creatures such as Turtles, Whales and Jellyfish!

For World Ocean Day we have 10 Activities listed here:

10 World Ocean Day Activities and Ideas

Best Friend Day – 8th June (but also Friendship Day 30th July!)

Best Friend Day is on June 8th.. there is of course Friendship Day also on July 30th. Why not celebrate both? Afterall, there is no harm in celebrating friendship more then once! Personally, I think Friendship Bracelets are the way forward when it comes to friends.. but we have some lovely Friendship Day Activities for you here:

Friendship Day ideas

King Charles III Birthday Celebrations – 3rd Saturday in June

If you love the British Royal Family.. then you simply HAVE to celebrate King Charles’s Birthday! Did you know that he has TWO birthdays? He has his “proper birthday” in autumn, with a “summer birthday” in, well summer.. June to precise. This is to allow for better weather and public celebrations. Here are the best ways to celebrate King Charles’s Birthday this June!

How to Celebrate King Charles III's Birthday with Kids in the Classroom

Father’s Day Celebrations – 3rd Sunday in June

Of course there is then Father’ Day! This is the day we as a family probably focus on the most in June! There are SOOOOO many lovely Father’s Day Crafts to check out. But again, I have grouped them by the most popular themes:

U.S. Flag Day – 14th June

The 14th June is Flag Day in the U.S. So to celebrate this, we have of course, some lovely Flag Day Crafts. Again, I do have some favourites – I LOVE the Flag Quiz Cootie Catcher – as this is a great craft AND educational paper toy in one.. and I also adore the American Flag Paper Lanterns. A lovely way to decorate! See all Flag Day Activities here:

American Flag Projects

Juneteenth Celebrations – 19th June

Juneteenth is of course equally important if not more so. It is a growing movement in the U.S., but I do feel it should be a world wide movement – especially as “not just” the U.S. was involved in the Slave Trade. There are many more culpable parties that should take note and recognise this important date in the calendar. Here are some great Juneteenth Activities to get you started:

Juneteenth Celebration Ideas

Summer Solstice/ Winter Solistice – around 21st June/ 21st December

Here in the nothern hemisphere we are approaching the Summer Solstice, which falls around the 21st June. In the southern hemisphere you will be experiencing the Winter Solstice, and I will be pulling together a resource for this ASAP! The Summer Solstice generally looks at the nature, the looooong days and of course the sun. Check out our fantastic Summer Solstice Activity Ideas!

summer solstice activities for kids

Fun Ways to enjoy the Summer Break

Finally, June is very much the beginning of the Summer Holidays in many countries (though here we don’t break up until July!) and I have sooooo many great Summer Crafts and Activities, for you to browse and explore. But I will point you into the right direction for some key resources:

  • Camp Mom – this is a MASSIVE eBook full of activities, crafts, sibling management and planning ideas. A great go to resource with everything in “one place”.
  • Summer Activities for Kids & Families – an online guide to summer! Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed these June Themed Activities, Ideas and Crafts!