DIY Friendship Day Gift Ideas for Kids to Make

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Have you heard of Friendship Day? Or Best Friend Day? Well.. they are on two different days (more to that below). That said, I think it is fun to celebrate both days (why not, the more friend love the better) and that the activities outline here below easily overlap for both days!!! So.. whether you are celebrating friendship day or Best Friend Day, come celebrate with us today! Let’s explore some easy Friendship Day Gift Ideas that kids can make for their BFFs.

Friendship Day ideas

There are of course two sets of crafts that fall into Friendship Day Gifts – the gift craft itself and then maybe some ncie Friendship Day Cards!

Just rememver whatever yo make, the best gifts are homemade! And are a better way to say you care about your friendship!

When is Friendship Day? When is Best Friends Day?

Best friends day is on June 8th, whilst Friendship Day is 30th July! I am not really sure why both exist.. but let’s just celebrate them anyway!

Fun Friendship Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Friendship Bracelets

Needless to say, any friendship gift ideas list, will include some Friendship Bracelets. They are the “classic” friendship gift to make for both boys and girls. And I have a great list of Friendship Bracelets for you to check out. But I have highlighted some for you here today.

I love these friendship bracelets as you can make them with regular wool or yarn AND they are surprisingly easy to make – the little cardboard stick loom is quick to make and then even relatively young kids can give these friendship bracelets a go. Perfect for the long summer holidays and summer camps!

I confess my video for these classic friendship bracelets is old old old.. I really need to redo it. But I wanted to include these here in the meantime, as these really are the best. But probably something for your tween or teen to make!

Or how about a necklace – two peas in a pod.. or three. WE made these using salt dough, as a relatively quick and easy craft – all you need is salt, flour, water and some food coloring really. However, if you want these to be “stronger” and have more longevity, I would probably make them from polymer clay!

Friendship Rocks

I love Friendship Rocks as they fit neatly into your pocket and have a nice solid weight to them. I imagine your friend putting their hand in their pocket and feeling the solidity of the rock and your friendship. Similarly, you can make them as desk friends or paper weights – to keep you company whilst doing work or your bedside table. Again, here are a couple of my favourite friendship rocks to make!

Fun with rocks! Make your own friendship Rock Pets

First up we have the cute little friendship pets. As you can see, they are super quick and easy to make and are so cute. They will certainly brighten up any desk!

Friendship Rocks

Also love these friendship rock hearts – they are made using your fingerprints, so are extra special!

Other Gifts To Make

Looking back over the years of what my kids have made their friends and what “went down well”… here are some ideas!

Hands down the most favourite gift that my teen made for her friends were chenille yarn crochet plushies! I appreciate that not all kids know how to crochet, but did want to include these free crochet patterns here, just in case. The top tip: use the chunky chenille yarn for that softie/ plushie look and feel!

Finished perler bead hear frame for valentine's day

A best friend photo frame made from perler beads (in fact, if you your best friend has a “something” they absolutely love – be it Pokemon, Minecraft or Mario Bros.. you can make all kinds of Perler Bead crafts! E.g. my son made his friend some Mario Bro Ornaments and he LOVED them).

Make a little felt heart brooch – but as you can use the same easy technique to make other felt brooches – here some felt animal ornaments – that would work great as a brooch or as backpack charm or keychains!

Paracord or Macrame Keychains – we love working with paracord and there are so many cool things to knot. Try these Paracord Dragonfly Keychains ro these Paracord BFFs.

Friendship Day Cards to Make

Needless to say, any Friendship Gift is lovely combined some some handmade Friendship Day Cards! I have a TON of Pop Up Cards and regular cute handmade cards for you to check out. They are almost all suitable as Friendship Cards… but of course, I have selected some favourites.

Easy Pop Up Friendship Card for CHildrens day

We love all kinds of pop up cards, and of course had to design one especially for Friendship Day! Make your own paper chain friends, decorate them too look like your friends and pop in the post. Too cute!

BFF Valentines Frog Card

We love making all kind of cards. This cute little BFF Frog Card is made using potato prints and finger prints. What is not to love? A Toad-ally Awesome card for Friendship Day!

Now hwo cute are these little DIY Best Buddies? They were originally made for Valentine’s Day, but oh my, I think they are adorable and are perfect for Best Friend Day too! And the best bit.. they come with a free printable. Whoop. So cute!

BFF Gift Box Idea

Finally, you may simply want a quick and cut Friendship Gift Box for some chocolates, favourite candy, sweets or other treats (we love making chocolate prunes, yum, so good!). Here are some more cute ideas. Again, these are from a wider set of Handmade Gift Box ideas.

Quick and easy gift box made from cardboard tubes! Paint them in bright colours and then either add a kawaii heart sticker or paint one on afterwards too. These can easily be made in “bulk” but you do need to allow for paint drying time.

origami paper box

I always think an origami paper box comes in super handy too! And it can be decorated in a million ways (check out our Minion Paper Boxes). I filled my paper box with some homemade choclate dates one year. They went down a treat!

So, I hope you found some inspiration for some lovely little homemade gifts to make for your girlfriends, boyfriend or BBFs! It doesn’t have to be a big gift to be a perfect gift, just something handmade and thoughtful! All handmade things make a special gift for your bestie!