3d Paper Spider Craft – How to make a Spider out of Paper

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We love paper! Paper Crafts are surprisingly versatile and plentiful. Paper is inexpensive and comes in all sorts of colours.. paper is perfect for all your seasonal crafts (in fact, check out our easy to browse Seasonal Paper Crafts page).. including adorable Paper Halloween Crafts for Kids! But today it is all about spider DIYs and how to make a 3d Paper Spider!

Easy 3d Paper Spider & Web
These paper spiders were first created and shared in 2017! But the post has been updated and republished for your convenience!

Today we show you how to make a 3d spider out of paper!! It is a super quick and easy paper spider and hopefully you will ove our step by step how to make a spider tutorial.

As we use a number of very basic shapes to assemble this adorable paper spider craft, you will not need a spider template in order to make it!!

Super easy, so fun.  Though we have made these darling spiders explicitly as Halloween Decorations, the paper spiders are so cute that they could easily be use as an Incy Wincy Spider nursery rhyme craft too! Don’t restrict these cute spiders to just Halloween crafts for kids!!

This is a great post to show how very versatile Paper Crafts can be.. and is the perfect Paper Halloween Craft for kids!

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Materials needed for your Paper Spider Craft

  • Black paper – one sheet of A4 with careful cutting will make one spider
  • White paper
  • Black pen
  • Black bakers twine for hanging (get some here US/ UK (aff links))
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

How to make a 3D Spider Out of Paper

Here we go.. check out our quick and easy how to make a paper spider bauble video!! I hope you like it. I have also written how the paper spider step by step instructions below if you find those more useful! You will quickly see how very easy it is to make these cute cute cute Paper Halloween Spider decorations!

As mention in the video we also have a great ho to make a spider web out of paper video for you to check out. Hop over to this Paper Spider Web How To now and complete your fabulous paper Halloween room decor DIY!

How to cut a spider out of paper – step by step instructions

As mentioned, you really do NOT need a paper spider  template for this quick and easy paper spider. This cute and fun spider is made using circles and some strips of paper – that really is all that is too this cute Paper Halloween Craft!!

Cut out your spider pattern

  1. Begin by cutting out four 0.5cm strips off the top of you A4 sheet of paper – put these aside for the legs later.
  2. Next, cut out  8-10 sames sized cirlces from the remaining sheet – however many you can fit. We used a small cup to trace circles and managed to get 10 circles from the remaining paper. You have created your own spider cut out pattern.

Assemble your 3D Spider Bauble Body

  1. Fold each circle in half to create folded semi circles.
  2. Add glue to ONE HALF of your semi circle and place another semi circle on top and secure it. Then add glue to the next layer and repeat.
  3. When all of your circles are neatly glued together and stacked high, cut a piece of bakers twine – approximatel 15-20cm long (or to your taste), fold it in half and knot.
  4. Now add lots of glue to the “spine” of your paper circle stacks and place the bakers twine against this. Add glue to the top semi circle, unfold the circle and bring it round.. if you need step by step images – take a look at this easy paper bauble how to.
  5. Your basic black paper bauble, that makes up the body of your 3D Paper Spider ornament is finished.

Create your paper spider craft LEGS

  1. Now you need to make the legs. I made 2 longer legs and 2 shorter legs on each side of the spiders body – but it doesn’t matter too much. Take the strips from earlier.. using approx 10cm will make the longer leg and 7-8cm for the shorter leg.
  2. Approximately 1/3 of the way long, fold the paper down to make a right angle. Then at 3/4 of the way along, fold it up again to shape a foot. Glue your leg onto your spider. Repeat with the remaining 3 legs on one side.

Finally, add your spider’s eyes

  1. Now count out FOUR bauble flaps.. and on the 5th flap repeat and add the other 4 legs.
  2. Finally it is time to make your paper spider craft’s eyes. Draw two circles (approx 5pence size), cut out and add pupils.
  3. Take 2 middle flaps of your bauble, bend them back slightly to make a “surface” add glue and stick on your eyes.
Paper Spider Craft - How to make a 3d Spider out of Paper. Oh yes, it is super duper CUTE Halloween Decor time. We love paper crafts, and this adorable Paper Halloween DIY is super easy to make. The kids can make these too and you will have a quick and easy Halloween Party decorations sorted in no time! #halloween #papercrafts #paper #halloweenspider #cutespider #cute #spiderdecoration #spider
Super cute and easy Spider decoration made from paper!

Your DIY Paper Spider Decoration is now finished. Doesn’t it look fantastic? I do love the 3D effect of this paper spider how to and that you don’t need a paper spider template to make it (though we do love a template now and again too!!).

Spider Bauble

How to make a 3d Paper Spider Decoration for Halloween
Active Time15 minutes


  • Black paper
  • White paper scraps
  • Pen
  • String for hanging
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Small cup for tracing


  • Cut four 0.5cm strips off the top of the black paper for legs. Cut 8-10 circles from the remaining paper.
  • Fold circles in half.
  • Add glue to one half of one circle and place the second cricle on top. Continue until you have a stack of circles glued together but in half.
  • Add glue to the spine and place your sting against it.
  • Add glue to both top and bottom of the stack, bring together to make a ball and "trap" the string in the middle.
  • Cut the 4 strips of paper in half to make 8 legs and glue to your black bauble – 4 on each side. Fold to make a "leg kink" if you wish.
  • Draw and cut two large eyes. Glue to the front of the bauble.



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Now, you have made your 3D Paper spider, all you need to decide is – will they hang as ornaments in a Halloween Tree? Will you string them up as a 3  paper spider garland? Or will you hop over to our Easy Paper Spiderweb post and make a krigami spider web for it?? It is your call!

How about some super duper cute and easy Finger Knitting Spiders? A perfect Halloween Decoration or great for Incy Wincy Spider songs!

More Paper Halloween Crafts coming soon!! Please check back!

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