How to make a Pop Up Snowman Card for Christmas

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Oh we do love Christmas!!! Christmas is the perfect time to get crafty and send homemade Christmas cards to loved ones. We have lots of cards to choose from, from easy DIY Pop Up Card Projects to 10 Super Simple Card designs, if you are crafting in bulk! Today, we will show you how to make a Pop Up Snowman Card for Christmas!

Pop Up Snowman Cards

These pop up snowman cards are surprisingly quick and easy and allow for lots of customisation! I love that the snowman is made from printer paper and decorated with pens, which means, you only need a little extra card stock in a bright colours and your cards are ready to go.

These snowmen cards, would also make great Thank You Cards come January!

Pop Up Snowman Cards

We love Snowman cards as a theme.. and have made 3d Snowman Cards before, which you may also like to take a peak at:

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Try our Paper Chain Snowmen. Aren’t they cute? A wonderful take on the “classic” paper chain.

Pop up snowman

Or have a go at this “classic” Pop Up Card Mechanism and then add any detail you wish.. e.g. our cute Snowman and Tree combination.

To make a Pop Up Snowman Card – you will need:

  • Cardstock in a desired size and colour
  • Printer paper
  • Coloring pens and pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Snowflake confetti/ hole punch (optional)
  • Additional paper scraps for a snowman’s hat (optional)

I have a printable worksheet and template for the snowman in my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s Store – of course it is optional! But if you think it would be useful for the classroom or Sunday school/ library event, hop on over!

How to design a Pop Up Snowman Card for Christmas:

Pop Up Christmas cards

As mentioned before, you can make this snowman pop up card any size you wish. I recently shared our Pop Up Rudolph Card, where I folded A4 card in half to make an A5 card… you can make these snowmen the same size… though I chose to make them half the size for this craft.. so A5 card folded to make an A6 greeting card. But really, any card dimension works as the snowman design is always based around the size of the folded card.

You can watch our handy Pop Up Card video tutorial or follow the step by step how instructions here.

How to make a Pop Up Snowman Card – Step By Step Instructions

Cutting your snowman parts

This handmade snowman card really is quick and easy, as you only need to cut out 2 basic shapes (in contrast to the Reindeer Card, which has 6 shapes- though of course still easy!), though can also add a paper snowman hat.. but that is optional.

Fold your card stock in half to make a greeting card. The closed card determines the basic size of your snowman’s head.

Draw an oval a bit smaller than the card is wide and cut out. This will be your snowman’s head.

Position on the inside of the card and check you like the size. Keep it there.

Use the position of the head inside the card to help guide you, when drawing the snowman’s body – it should like a closed upside down U.

Cut out. Again check you are happy with the size within the card.

Decorating the snowman

Decorate your snowman’s face by adding:

  • a carrot nose
  • eyes
  • rosy cheeks
  • a mouth

Decorate your snowman’s body by adding:

  • a scarf
  • buttons
Making the snowman pop up

You can cut out black hat too – a quare of black, a red strip of paper and a black strip of paper. Make sure it is small enough to fit “inside the card” once it is all glued together. Trim if necessary.

Fold the body in half (with the decor on the inside). Add glue.

Postion along the spine of the card and glue in place.

Fold the snowman’s face in half (with the decorations on the outside). Then fold up the ends to make a “glue platform”. It should look a little like a W.

Gluing the snowman in place

Add glue and glue in place.

You can now add hole punch snowflakes or confetti snowflakes.

Pop Up Snowman Cards

Your basic card is finished.

Snowman detail

You can now make a mini snowman’s face (as per the instructions above) and glue this into the corner of the front of the card. Trim off the edges.

Pop Up Snowman Cards

Your Handmade Pop Up Snowman Card for Christmas is finished!

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