Cute Crochet Patterns for Summer

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We love to crochet here on Red Ted Art! And the best way to practice your crochet skills, is to have a go at a variety of free patterns! I have a lovely set of summer crochet patterns for you to check out and have grouped them into two sections – longer projects (perfect for keeping young crocheters busy) and quicker (under an hour, usually 20-30min) crochet projects! So be sure to head to the section that suits your needs first!

Summer Crochet Patterns that are free

Of course many summer crochet patterns will all be about crochet cloche hats or crochet tops.. this collection of summer crochet projects is more for tweens and teens who like cute amigurumi crochet projects or summer themed crochet toys and plushies!

Summer Crochet Projects – Detailed Projects

These are our more involved summer crochet projects – they aren’t necessarily difficult, they simply have more “parts” and more rows to crochet. The results are wonderful though, so these really are worth having a go at!

This the larger of the two mermaid crochet doll patterns we have! It is a lovely doll to make as a keepsake for sure.


We also love this little mermaid doll crochet pattern.. as you can switch between making her a “regular” doll and a mermaid doll. So cute!

How fun are these Avocado Crochet Friends? Make a set for some BFFs!

Let’s get Tutti Frutti with these wonderful Summer Fruits Pot Holders! Another great free crochet pattern!

Or how about a Life Buoy Ornament? This is simply divine!

strawberry turtle crochet pattern

The larger of our turtle crochet patterns (more below). We made this one as a cute Strawberry Turtle Plushie. To be fair, if you use regular cotton yarn for this, you will have a smaller amigurumi turtle. It looks like a “bigger” project than it is!

Quick Crochet Projects for Summer (20-30min)

The 20 – 30min guide is based on intermediate crocheters. It may take beginners a little longer to begin with, but as they get used to the crochet pattern, the time should quickly spead up. If made with chunky chenille yarn, these make cute plushies!

adorable bee crochet pattern

Crochet Bees are the perfect beginner’s crochet project, as they are super cute and quick to make. Again, here we have made them with chunky yarn.. but they work well with regular wool too, just they will be smaller (key chain size).

crochet pattern

We love making Crochet Jellyfish! Again, they are relatively quick and easy and you can mix and match colours for the tentacles. A great way to use up odds and ends of wool.

5min crochet flower bookmark pattern

Here is a quick one to make for your yarn scraps – a quick and easy crochet flower bookmark! Great for your summer reading or as a small crochet birthday gift or Mother’s Day gift!

amigurumi whale

Whale Crochet Pattern from YarnHild. A cute quick and easy crochet project for the summer! Would be lovely as a key chain made with a cotton yarn or as a small plush using chenille wool!

turtle crochet

Turtle Crochet Pattern from Darling Maple Designs

crochet tortoise

Tortoise Crochet Pattern the Friendly Red Fox! This is a fantastic crochet blogger, that we have featured here on Red Ted Art before!

Strawberry crochet pattern

Strawberry Amigurumi Pattern by Stellas Yarn Universe. This one works really well in small (again a cute key ring) or can be made with super chunky yarn as a strawberry plushie.

Crochet Fruit Slices by Raffa Musa Designs (with invisible joins!).

Hope you have enjoyed this selection of Free Summer Crochet Patterns! You may also like to give Granny Square Bags a go! These would make a fabulous summer accessory to crochet!

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