Winter Art Projects for Kids

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Oh yes, WINTER is most definitely upon us. The days are short. The nights are long.. as we huddle indoors to keep  warm, we have more time for arty crafty goodness. Though we have a great list of Winter Crafts for Kids already, I thought it would be nice to  pull together some Winter ART PROJECTS for kids too. Naturally, this list is complimented by our Winter Art Projects for Preschool (and there will be some overlaps, as some projects are great for all ages)! These Winter Art Projects are a wonderful way to cheer up the gloomy days.. especially beyond Christmas, when the twinkly lights come down and our walls become more bare again.

Winter Art Projects for Kids - fun Winter Art Projects for KS1 KS2. Great Process Art for Kids this Winter. Art techniques include collages, watercolors, and more #kids #art #processart #winter #redtedart
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Winter Art Projects for Kids

Winter Tree Art Projects

The theme for the four seasons continues with our Nature Winter Trees. A wonderful way to look and connect to the Winter Season through what you can see and find outdoors. G out for a walk and called some small twigs.. then come back and have with glue (or a hot glue gun) Once again, you can see all our Nature Four Season Projects in one place too!

Finally, we have some easy Winter Trees inspired by this great post from Inner Child Fun. They are super easy to do and therefor perfect for Preschoolers, however, my older kids still enjoy this kind of art process. the “magic” of resist art never seems to wear off for them!

Let’s begin with a focus on Winter trees. A lovely way to explore silhoutes and work with black, white and blues!

Winter Art Projects for Kids - fun Winter Art Projects for KS1 KS2. Great Process Art for Kids this Winter. Art techniques include collages, watercolors, and more #kids #art #processart #winter #redtedart
What an adorable winter craft art project!

Winter Birds and Birch Trees – though this Winter Art Project was originally a guest post by the Educator’s Spin on it, designed as a cute Valentine’s Day Card, I think it makes for a great Winter Art Project too. Learn how to create birch trees and use the simple collage technique to make them pop! So sweet! 

Similarly this Watercolour Birch Tree Art Project was also first designed as a Valentine’s Day Card – but again, I think it makes a beautiful art project for kids to make in Winter. Love how the theme is similar in both art projects and yet the approach and technique is totally different!

Bubble wrap printing is SO FUN!

Strictly speaking, this particular EXECUTION of this Bubble Wrap Winter Trees should be the Preschool Winter Art Projects section. As my son was only little when we made these collages. We love the bubble wrap process though and think kids of all ages would still enjoy it. We had so much fun adding our fingerprints robins and this makes for a great Bubble Wrap Four Seasons exploration!

Here is a lovely examples where older students have had a go at the Bubble Wrap Winter Trees. More Snowy Trees by glued to my crafts.

Similarly to our Bubble Wrap Winter Trees above, this Winter Colours Collage is a great way to explore the seasons through the theme of COLOUR! The full set of four seasons that we created using this technique. Looked so pretty together. See the full set of Sun Catcher Four Seasons here.

Some wonderful collaged Tree Winter Art by I Heart Craft Things. This could work really well as a “together project” with younger kids too! The kids will love their finished artwork!

Gorgeous Winter Landscape Art – using simple shapes and q-tips by Krokotak. A must make in your winter craft ideas collection.

Bleeding Tissue Paper Landscape by Art Projects for Kids

chalk pastels winter art

Projects with Kids has this briliant Nothern Lights Art Project – using chalk pastels. This would be a wonderful theme for the winter art!

Snowflake Artwork for Kids

Similarly to the Winter Trees Collages made above, these Snowflake suncatchers are super fun to make too! Check out the printable templates.

More wonderul art techniques with this crayon resist art by Fun At Home with Kids. Another simple Winter Art Project for kids that is like magic! What other winter scence could you add with the crayons?

Snowflake crafts are wonderful

Similarly we have Puffy Paint Snowflakes by our friends over on Inner Child Fun! Snowflake crafts are always so fun!

Similarly – the same process but a different interpretation by The Pinterested Parent

Fun Snowman Art/ Snow Globe Art

We love a bit of recycling… use that shredded paper for these Shredded Paper Snowman Collages by Babycentre! The kids will love this snowman craft! Aren’t the googly eyes fun too.

Snow globes simply HAVE to feature in any Winter Art Project collection!

Another “magical” and fun winter project, is to have a go at PUFFY PAINT. Have you ever tried it? No? Then you should. See it magically puff up! We greated a set of “Thank you” cards with our Puffy Paint Snow globes!

Super fun snowglobe art projects by Art with Mrs Nguyen

Direct Snowman Art from Proud to be Primary. Love seing all the artwork together. Simply wonderful. You could use oil pastels for these too!

Lots of fun snowman crafts on Mrs Russels Creative Class – but particularly love the ripped paper snowmen. Alternatively use scissors for some scissor skills building too! Then grab your glue and get sticking!

These would make a great paper plate snowman too!

This Melted Snowman Art is just fantastic! Check out the Tiny Art Room for full instructions. You could probably make these with paper plates too!

Winter Animal Art Projects

There are range of animal themed art projects to to this Winter. Just don’t get the South and North Pole animals confused. General winter animals included – penguin art, snow owl art, polar bears (of course!), winter birds, such as cardinals in the US and robins in the UK and artic foxes.

Such a simple craft for winter

Penguin Collage Art – a gorgeous Winter Art project for preschoolers and kids of all ages by All Students Can Shine – what other variations on this technique can you think of? A snowman would be lovely, some Winter Trees would look great too!

I adore this paper Snowy Owl by Hannah’s Art Club! Not only do we love the owl motif, but this torn paper activity, is great for finger strength development too!

Check out this art polar bear craft project!

Polar bear art – these look so cute and easy to do – find out more from Fairy Dust Teaching

cute artic fox

And how about this lovely Artic Fox collage? This was made as part of a library story time and fun craft/ art session.

Mixed Media Winter Bird House Art by the Pinterested Parent

I hope you enjoyed this selection of Winter Art Projects for Kids and that you have found plent of inspiration to get you started!

We have LOTS more fun Winter CRAFT Projects for Kids for you to check out too – you will find snowy owls, paper snowflakes, more fun Snow Globe crafts and more..