11 Exciting Cloud Crafts for Kids – Weather Craft Ideas

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Aaaah, I recently realised that we have a number of super lovely Cloud crafts for kids here on Red Ted Art! So, as the summer time approaches, I thought I would bring these all together as some lovely Summer Crafts for Kids. Though of course you can make these cheerful cloud craft ideas all year round! Any excuse to get crafty!

cloud crafts for kids

Easy cloud craft ideas just for you!

What I love about this collection of clouds, is that you can make them as “rain clouds” or “rainbow cloud” or even “showering you with love” clouds… simply switch up your cloud features.. from raindrops, to rainbow hearts!

cloud spotting

Make your own Cloud Viewer! This is a fun educational activity to make and use with the kids. So cute and easy to make!

Cloud Crafts - Saltdough rainbows

As part of our Sky Kids Series 1 – Best Makes Ever! – we made these gorgeous little rainbow cloud ornaments. A super lovely way to decorate your room with! Using our favourite Salt Dough Recipe, cookie cutters and acrylic paints, this is a great project for summer! You could even have a go at this using our coloured salt dough recipe – for that more natural feel.

Cloud Crafts - Rainbow clouds from yarn

Next up we have some Yarn Wrapped Clouds. Yarn wrapping is a super fun process and very simple for kids to have a go at. Once your basic crafty cloud is finished, decorate with pom pom raindrops or rainbow wool. So cute.

Cloud crafts - Sew a Rainbow Cloud Pin

We love cute and easy sewing projects – actyally, we love QUICK sewing projects.. that don’t take too long, but are still super cute to make. These little felt clouds make lovely brooches or keychains and of course, are, easy!

A lovely guest post by the talented Pink Stripey Socks many moons ago, are these gorgeous Paper Plate Clouds – “Showering you with love” for Valentine’s Day – or just because!

We love recycled projects! And here we had some fun with bubble wrap. Combining bubble wrap printing, with bubble wrap raindrops. Make this happy rain cloud today.

Pop Up Rainbow cards

These Pop Up Rainbow Cards MAYBE are a little bit of a cheat in a DIY Cloud Crafts collection? I am not sure.. but they do feature some clouds.. and they ARE oh so cute (and very popular!), so I thought, I should sneak them in.. right?

No collection of Red Ted Art crafts is complete with our a Corner Bookmark Design.. or two! We have two versions of this cloud bookmark.. one is our Rainbow Cloud Bookmark and the other….

…our Showering you with love bookmark, inspired by the Pink Stripe Socks Paper Plate craft above! So cute.

Easy Cloud Crafts for Kids from sites we love

To completement the Red Ted Art cloud DIYs, I have a couple of extra crafts for..

Thirty Handmade Days has this rather TOO cute guest post on their site! I simply love the happiness and quirkiness of this little rainbow cloud sun catcher…

… and my lovely friend at HelloWonderful has this rather too cute Toilet Paper Roll Rain Cloud Craft! So fun!

I hope you have been inspired by this collection. Do watch this space for more lovely cloud crafts coming soon!

In the meantime.. maybe I can tempt you with some of these lovely Rainbow Crafts for Kids?

Rainbow Crafts for Kids
cloud craft ideas