Coffee Filter Crafts for Preschoolers

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We love working with all types of different materials.. especially eco friendlier ones.. such as coffee filters! Coffee Filters Crafts are great for Preschoolers and toddlers. There are so many cute and colorful things to make throughout the year and all the seasons and holidays.

Coffee Filter Crafts for Kids
Explore the colours of the rainbow with these wonderful coffee filter crafts!

Working with coffee filters is super fun.. as you the aim of the craft is to get a kind of tie dye coffee filter effect! Lots of colours mixing and mingling for some beautiful unpredictable results.

It is great for colour theory exploration or for working with different themed colours throughout the year. E.g. use reds, oranges and yellow for Fall. Or explore yellow and blue to make green etc.

Coffee Filter Crafts – Craft Supplies:

You will find that the craft supplies list for most of these coffee filter crafts is super basic – making these craft ideas a great accessible craft theme for your toddlers and preschoolers (and great for classroom work or for nurseries!).

  • A set of white coffee filters (U.S. style, if you don’t have these, you can use kitchen paper towels for most of these cute crafts too!)
  • Felt tip markers/ washable marker, food coloring or watercolors
  • A water spray bottle or water pipette or eye droppers
  • Scissors/ glue for shaping and adding details later!

Then.. depending on the craft, you usually combine your colourful coffee filters with:

  • Paper (for suncatchers)
  • Pop sicle sticks or pipe cleaners
  • Googley eyes for fun details

Coffee Filter Crafts for Preschoolers

So let’s get started on our collection of coffee filter craft ideas. I have loosely started off by following through the seasons… and then adding some lovely coffee filter project ideas from blogs I love!

Coffee Filter Butterfly

Let’s start off with the most classic of coffee filter crafts the Coffee filter craft butterflies – a gorgeous coffee filter craft for spring! A really sweet and colorful butterfly craft. My top tip? Stick to two primary colours per butterfly, to avoid getting “browns”.

coffee filter flowers

Coffee Filter Flowers Chromatography

The absorbend nature of coffee filters is perfect for some little colour theory and Chromatography! Watch your marker pens “unmix” into a rainbow of colours and turn them into cute little coffee filter chromatography flowers!

Alternatively, simply use reds, oranges and pinks (maybe have a go at watercolors!) and make these same flowers as a bouquet of coffee filter roses for mom on Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day!

Gorgeous Apple Suncatchers

We LOVE making suncatchers and in the past have often used contact paper and tissue paper.. but I have to say, I think going forward, I MUCH prefer these these coffee filter suncatcher apples! You can have so much fun with colour blending and mixing.. AND you avoid using unnecessary plastics! So much eco-friendlier and kinder to the planet!

suncatcher pumpkin templates

Pumpkins Suncatcher Templates – for Fall or Halloween

Use the same technique of the coffee filter apple suncatchers with our free Pumpkin Templates too!

Easter Egg Suncatcher

Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft

…ooooh and let’s rewind.. we have some free Easter Egg Suncatcher templates too.. these would be perfect for some Coffee Filter Easter Egg Crafts or Coffeer filter Art Project as well

squish painting turkey craft

Firey Turkey Craft for Fall

Ok ok, I am sneaking this paper plate turkey craft in…. eventhough this is a collection of coffee filter craft ideas for kids. BUT….. you could so so soooooo easily, make these adorable and super simple coffee filter turkeys, using coffee filters folded in half too, don’t you think??

Coffee Filter Trees

Coffee Filter Christmas Tree Ornaments

Coffee Filter Christmas Tree Ornament

coffee filter snowflake

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Of course the coffee filter snowflakes are an absolute winter classic for kids of all ages. Great for exploring colours, but also for those scissor handling skills and practicing your cutting skills and exploring lots of shapes and symmetry. Blue, pink and purple are great for this activity!

More Coffee Filter projects from around the web

This section has coffee filter projects from blogs I love.. I would say that they are also coffee filter craft ideas for older kids and grown ups.. and not just the little kiddos! So hopefully this has a DIY idea for everyone!

Coffee Filter Monsters

I am a great fan of all Monster Crafts for Kids! Basically.. monsters are super fun and “everything is allowed”. You can make them any colour your want. Add as many eyes as you want.. just go crazy and as silly as you can – add antenna, legs, spots and more! The Children’s Museum shows you how and expands on all the great benefits of these super cute tie-dye coffee filter monsters – from Fine Motor Skills to Cause & Effect.

Coffee Filter Baskets for Spring & Easter

Urban Comfort makes these super sweet Coffee Filter Flower Baskets – they are a great Coffee Filter Easter Craft or Coffee Filter Mother’s Day Craft!

Coffee Filter Carrot treat bags

Urban Comfort then goes on to make these super duper cute carrot treat bags! So fun!

Coffee Filter Peacock Craft

Coffee Filter Peacock Craft from Darcy and Brian Blog – this is a lovely craft exploring the two base colours blue and yellow – which of course make green! In case, instead of a craft stick or a pipe cleaner the crafter has used a clothespin (great for finger strenging skills) to make the peacock’s body. Paint the pegs blue, glue on some paper googley eyes, a beak and some feathers.. and done! I think these turned out so very cute!! Such a simple craft!

Coffee Filter Fall Leaves – Suncatcher or Garlands

Fun At Home With Kids makes some beautiful Coffee Filter Fall leaves. These make great fall decorations, as either leaf suncatchers or fall leave garlands!

coffee filter dancers

Coffee Filter Dancers

The gorgeous Blue Bear Wood first came up with these fantastic Coffee Filter Dancers! Such a wonderful way to combine colourful coffee filters with pipe cleaners! They make awesome decorations, don’t you think? So sweet! By not colour mixing your patterns, these are pretty low mess too!

Coffer Filter Jellyfish Craft

Super Simple has thee AMAZING Coffee Filter Jellyfish! If you are hosting an under the sea themed party, then you simply have to have a go at these Jellyfish too! Aren’t they gorgeous?

Cool Aid Coffee Filter Wreath

Love how RUFFLY this gorgeous coffee filter wreath by Small Fry and Co is! You can easily adapt the colours to suit and occassion! Make a blue and red one for fourth of July.. or a green and red one as a Christmas Wreath!

coffee filter christmas angel

Coffee Filter Christmas Angel

Sustain my craft habit shows us that coffee filter crafts are not JUST for preschoolers and toddlers, but that older kids and grown ups can enjoy working with this fun craft material too.. take a look at their awesome coffee filter angel for Christmas! You will find both a video tutorial and step by step instructions!

And that brings me to the end of this fab collection of crafts.

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