DIY Panda Party Ideas & Crafts for Kids


Soooo.. a little while ago my daughter had a DIY Panda Party.. these days, we keep our party themes a little simple.. so it basically consisted of a Pandacorn cake (who doesn’t love Pandacorns?), a Panda Birthday Card and some quick and easy Panda Balloons as decorations. However, that shouldn’t stop you from pushing the boat out and really having some DIY Panda Crafts fun!! It made me realise that we actually have a few easy panda crafts to share with you – perfect for Panda parties (some could be your party craft) or party favours.. or simply make these panda crafts because you love pandas!!!! And you have always wanted to know how to make a panda!! 🙂 So… without too much more waffling.. here are our DIY Panda Party Ideas & Crafts for kids, organised by sections! I particularly love the section of Paper Crafts for Panda Fans!

A quick reminder – if you LOVE Pandacorns (and not just the ordinart Panda!!), you can quickly and easily adapt the crafts shared today into cute and easy DIY Pandacorn Craft Ideas!! No problemo! Just a little pandacorn horn and some pretty flowers and you are done! Easy peasy.

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DIY Panda Party Ideas

As mentioned, we hosted a little Panda Party for my daughter’s 9th Birthday recently. We particularly loved making the rainbow pinata, smarties filled Pandacorn cake. And I created a “few short cuts” for people like “me” – basically – crafty, but NOT that good at baking. Ha!! 

Easy Pandacorn Cake – this really is a DIY Panda Cake (super easy, with a few simple cheats) plus some paper decorations to turn it into a Pandacorn. The paper decorations were SO easy to make and meant I didn’t have to faff around with edible versions – that I simply am not very good at! Ha.

Pop Up Panda Cards – a quick last minute make for my daughter’s birthday.. she loved it. Again, you could easily add a Panda horn and flowers to turn this into a cute Pop Up Pandacorn card!

Quick DIY Panda Balloons for a Panda Party! Use a sharpie to transform balloons. I didn’t bother with ears, I thought no one would notice.. and guess what, they didn’t! Though one (grown up) guest did think it was a dog. Ha!

painted plant pots

Cute and easy Panda Pots

Easy Panda Cupcakes by Bakerella – t hese would make a great addition to the panda party bags!

Make some quick and easy Panda Loot Bags from white paper bags and black paper as per Daze & Knights!

Paper Panda Crafts for Kids

This is our paper panda craft for kids section, you will see that there are a number of really easy panda crafts to make (the bookmarks and the origami are both great for beginners)… but we also have one or two more challenging panda diys for you to check out (LOVE the Panda Paper Quilled Coaster!).

Panda Mini Notebooks – my “YouTube Kids” love all things notebooks.. so we had to make some Panda inspired mini notebooks from ONE SHEET of paper and (almost) no glue!! Woohoo!

Panda Corner Bookmarks – no round up would be complete with our a Red Ted Art Corner Bookmark Design.. right? These Panda bookmarks are particularly popular!

Panda Hug a Book Bookmark – well this post does focus on the Hug a Dog Bookmark, but you see the Panda Bookmark too.. and it should be easy to make!

Panda Origami – a super simple introduction to origami for kids!

Panda Quilling project – this is something for people who would like a bit of a challenge and are into Paper Quilling.

Other fun and easy Panda DIYs

Milk Carton Pencil Pots (these are super fun as they stack!)

Super cut and fun Fork Print Pandas by Crafty Morning

These Potatoe Print Pandas would be great for quick thank you cards? By I Heart Arts and Crafts

Keeping it simple with this paper plate Panda craft for young kids. By Learn Create Love!

Similarly.. turn a paper plate into a quick and easy Panda Bear Mask! More info over on Kix Cereal.

Serious recycled fun with this Egg Carton Panda Bear by Patchwork Parent

And how about these fabulous DIY LEGO Pandas? by the clever Frugal Fun For Boys & Girls?!

So! This brings me to and to our current easy panda craft collection!! I hope you feel inspired. Which one of these Panda DIYs can you turn into a Pandacorn Craft? Which would you make at your Panda Party? Enjoy!!

Hope to see you again soon!

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