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25 More Boy Craft Ideas

| June 4, 2012 | 10 Comments

A while back I did a round up of “Boy Craft Ideas” – a round up of ideas focussing on things to make with and for boys. Of course all the ideas apply to girls too – there is no real “gender discrimination” – I have a girl and a boy myself and we make everyrthing together. But there are some crafts that DO appleal to my son more and vice versa.

So in order to get those boys crafting even more, here is a round up of our favourite Boy Crafts here on Red Ted Art. I hope you like them too!




boy crafts crafts for boys boy crafts

1. Solar System

2. Grass Heads

3. Captain Jack Sparrow (and TP roll people)

boy crafts boy crafts boys crafts

4. Dino Egg Soaps

5. Angry Bird Eggs

6. Traffic Light Cookies

boy crafts boy crafts boy carfts

7. Where the Wild Things Are

8. Balloon Car Racing

9. TP Roll Robots

boy crafts boy crafts boy crafts

 10. Homemade Fingerpaint

11. Rock Monsters

12. Marble Run 

boy crafts boy crafts 

13. Mini Robots

14. Peanut Finger Puppets

15. Magazine Christmas Cards

boy crafts  

16. Ice Play & Colour Theory

17. Leaf Crown

18. Halloween Lanterns


19. Animation with Kids

20. Gumnut Pencil Toppers

21. Chestnut Streamer Toy


22. Stick Men

23. Potato Printing Postcards

24. Coloured Saltdough

25. Cardboard Pirate Ship

Want more? Check out the hugely popular Boy Get Crafty:

boy craft ideas






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  1. jack says:

    i love these! so excited i have found a blog with loads of stuff to challenge my mum properly… will be making a start on these this week! fanks very much love jack x

  2. Hannah says:

    This looks like a fun list and I’ll be pinning it for my daughter. But it’s unfortunate that you had to label it for boys. That assumes (1) that boys are not ordinarily interested in crafts — not true and (2) that girls wouldn’t be interested in these crafts — also not true. You might want to check out Pigtail Pals/Ballcap Buddies on facebook for more info on how the genderizing of toys is effecting this generation. Just a thought. Thanks again for sharing these ideas.

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Hi Hannah, thank you for your thoughtful comment. To be honest I totally agree with you. I have two children and girl and a boy and we do all our activities together. My son has made “traditional girl” crafts, as well as boy things and vice versa.. but I have observed.. that some things simply appeal to boys more and vice versa. I think it is just the way it is. Also, some parents *think* like that. I aim to encourage everyone to get crafty – especially those who think boys don’t like it. They do! Boys do craft. They love it as much as girls do. I am very aware of genderizing – and my kids both have tea sets and train sets alike. I do my best not to genderize, but at the same time, respect that there IS a difference.

    • Red Ted Art says:

      PS did you read my introduction? That of course these crafts are for girls too?

  3. My guy would love these and his all boy. You called these craft great for boys and you were so right.

  4. Amber says:

    Thank you for these ideas! I have a son and a daughter, my daughter is passionate about art, drawing, painting, crafting, and my son is passionate about fire engines. Its very hard to engage him with craft activities! The most successful one we have had so far has been painting animals and dinosaurs. I set them up outside with paints and a whole pile of our plastic creatures – dinosaurs, animals large and small and left them to it. Well Mr 3 stuck at it for ages, painting creature after creature. It would wash off but I decided I like the new versions better so I left them painted :) Anyway we will try some new ideas!

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