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Halloween Craft: Easy Pinata / Goodie Bag

| September 12, 2013 | 19 Comments

Now… I can’t go on enough about how much I love crafting with TP Rolls. There are TP Roll Crafts this and TP Roll Crafts that… and of course there are TP Roll BATS! Clearly, these have done before, they are like TP Roll Owls and TP Roll People… but, what I love about OUR TP Roll bats, is the POTENTIAL. Oooh the fun you can have. Make one, make lots. String them up as “Bat Bunting” this Halloween. Or close them up as Bat Goodie bags… or… my ABSOLUTEL FAVOURITE is…. turn your TP Roll Bat into mini Pinatas and then you can REALLY have a Trick or Treat session. Pull the string – will you receive a TREAT with colourful lollies… or a TRICK with slimey worms (aka worm sweets of course).

Halloween Pinata

Using a TP Roll as a Mini Pinata was inspired by Love & Cupcakes Blog mini Pinatas. Genius lady. Take a peak at hers they even go off with a POP!

Materials per bat: one TP Roll, some black card, googly eyes, pva glue (white glue), a silver or gold pen for the mouth, tissue paper (to “stuff the bottom”), sweets

1) Fold the top of your TP Roll down to make a bat shape – it is the same shape as for a TP Roll Owl or cat (check out the Craft Video here – about 1min 30sec into it, I show how to fold the loo roll if you are in any doubt!).

2) Paint black. I have a preference for acrylics, as they are have a better finish and my kids are used to using them now.

3) Whilst they are drying, use a small bowl as a template. Cut a circle from your black card. Cut the circle in half. Then cute some “waves” and your wings are ready for gluing on.

4) Glue the wings and the googly eyes on. Then add the mouth with the silver pen. If you don’t have a pen that works on black, you could either leave it blank, paint it on with white paint or stick on a simple mouth cut from paper!


Halloween Crafts

Now the fun bit. Are you going to:

* Use them as trick or treat goodie bags at a party – then fill with sweets, stuff a little tissue paper to keep it all in place.

* Use them as bunting – then make lots and string them up (you can staple the wings to some string)

* Make (my favourite) Halloween Pinatas? Basically – these are the same as the goodie bags, but you add some string at the bottom to tug on the bats and see whether you get a Trick or a Treat! You can fill them with different treats or trick them with an “empty” bat…. or to avoid disappointment, fill them with things like “joke sweets” (eye ball chocolates, gummi worms) or maybe some spider sequins? (the lovely Zing Zing Tree has some in her ebay shop!)

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  1. This is adorable! I love it and I am pinning it.

  2. Pinkoddy says:

    what an amazing idea – of course I’m off to pin.

  3. Woah, cool! These are just wonderful.

  4. Elizabeth Banks says:

    Adorable. The children @ my job will enjoy making this.

  5. Wymeaka says:

    I love this idea and help organise the crafts at a tots group every Tuesday. I will definitely be passing this one and will put it onto my website, if that is ok with you. My site is new and up-coming so please stop by a check it out at http://www.wymeaka.com

  6. Jenny Shine says:

    Easy but funny idea, I like it! : )

  7. Sarah says:

    This is wonderful. I always make treats for my daughters class for their halloween party and I’m always looking for fun but inexpensive things. This is perfect and she can’t wait to get started.

  8. becky says:

    making these! We have a thousand loo rolls, we usually make up little food bags with goodies but these are loads better! X

  9. Felicity McAllister says:

    This would be even better if I could print it off!

  10. joy says:

    Hi, Red Ted’s and Pip-Squeak’s Mom!

    Just love your personality, and so thrilled with all your talents and sharing heart!!!

    Loving the bat tp project.

    My sis is 61 (w/b 62 on the 30), but she has the mind of a 5-y-o. She attends a Senior hot lunch program, and I saw a coffin favor box thingy somewhere in Netland, and even suggested it to the director, but, I guess that wasn’t too bright on my part, as, what Senior wants to receive a coffin box of any kind, right!? :)

    So…tp bats it w/b! :)))

    Thanks again, Maggie, for the terrific job you do to keep us on our toes! :)))

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