25+ DIY Gifts for Kids – Make Your Gifts Special!


I have to say, one of the things I have REALLY enjoyed since having kids in my life, is having the opportunity to MAKE for them. Whether it is my own kids, my close friends’ kids or kids in the family, making your own presents for them is just wonderfully fun. We love DIY Gifts for Kids!

Over 25 DIY Gifts for Kids

Whether it is a “big present” or a “small present” – I love it on so many levels – because I get to craft, because it is special and because, I think having kids, shouldn’t cost the earth. I also love that my kids now think I can “make anything” (not true), but there has been many a moment, when the words “well, we can go home and MAKE THAT” have been uttered, by either the kids or myself and we have had many a crafty session based on things we have seen.

So, I thought it would be nice to bring together a lists of GIFTS FOR KIDS – many are things that I have made for my kids or DIY Gifts that fellow Bloggers have shared with us on Red Ted Art.

Let this Gifts For Kids inspire you!

Hobby Horse

Every child needs a DIY Hobby Horse! Why stop at one, as they are so easy to make, make them and their friends’ a set!

Doll in a Box - Gift Set

Dolly in a box – I made this doll in a box for my daughter when she was five. Now she is 10, we still have it and ALL the clothes. The Bed/ Storage solution was a great way to keep all the extras safe and to prevent them from getting lost!

DIY Foldable Doll House made from Cereal Boxes

Take along dolls house – this was a fun little project to make for when “on the road” (or in the coffee shop) it folds away and fits neatly into your purse. Bring along one or two little characters and you have a fab little on the go doll’s house!

juggling chickens bean bags

Juggling chooks – be warned, these little chooks are addictive, so quick and easy to make you will want to make more and more and more. We used a variety of fabrics, including some of the kids old clothes. So cute. I also made a LARGE Doorstop Chicken for Red Ted’s room.

dolls house diy

I made this  DIY Dolls House for Pip Squeak on her second birthday (2.5yrs ago). It is still going strong and is much loved.


The best bit about the dolls house, is that you can add furniture and extras over time or make them together if the kids are older. Or check out these adorable wooden seats and table


Carrying on, with the dolls theme, make your kids this gift: a miniature FIMO Tea Set. So cute.

0 how to make a rag doll


I LOVED making this Rag Doll, it is based on black apple doll pattern and I used Pip Squeak’s old clothes to make it. So it is SUPER special to use. I also love this cute rag doll pattern.

easy rag teddy bear

Later, I turned the Rag Apple Doll above, into a keepsake Rag Teddy for Red Ted – again using his old t-shirt and jeans. Making it a real keepsake for us.

Story Cubes

I think that these Story Cubes make for a lovely little stocking filler. They look cute. Are tactile, can be stacked and played with and of course are GREAT for Story Telling.

peg dolls

The kids LOVE making their own Clothes pin dolls.. but every so often, I LOVE making one for them. Here is a Tinkerbell Fairy Peg Dolls & Friends

felt food how to

I really enoyed making this make felt strawberries for the kids probably about 3yrs ago now. And again, they are still much played with. The strawberries also look great as keyrings!

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Recipe how to

This DIY Sidewalk chalk is great fun to  make and again make for a great stocking filler for kids that you can make. Come the Summer it will keep the kids BUSY!

paint jars

Or on a similar note, make some Homemade fingerpaints in retro jars – they make super cool gifts for your kids or others.

Recycled Crayons Gift for Kids

Similarly you can DIY Crayons  shapes – make them as stars, hearts or whatever shape takes your child’s fancy. A perfect DIY gift for kids and great for upcycling those broken crayons too!

make soap

Another great gift for kids as stocking fillers – or maybe at Easter as an alternative to chocolate are these Dino Soap Eggs  – and there is an added bonus of that the kids will be washing their hands more!

Stone Ducks

Don’t underestimate those “little gifts” – you can make these 5 little ducks as great stocking fillers. Again we made (this one together) a number of years ago, and we still have all 6 ducks (surprisingly) and they are much played with.

easy snowglobe

Making Snowglobes with your kids is great. Making snowglobes as a gift for your kids is ALSO lovely. You can get really creative and add lost of detail and there are so many variations on this traditional craft and cute gift.

sock monkey pattern

My kids LOVE cuddly toys, so making them a Sock Monkey
each is a great DIY Gift for my kids

gifts for kids to make

I loved making this “no sew” (or ALMOST no sew) Tights Octopus out of old tights. Yep, we used the kids stripey tights and turned them into this cuddly little guy!

Knights Costume DIY from Cardboard

I LOVE making my kids DIY Costumes and I think they make great gifts for kids as well I think. I have  made lots of things for them over the years, but I particularly like this Knight’s Shield to Red Ted’s batman costume to this Cute Witch’s Tutu

how to make a pillow case dress

For those of you who like to sew or are BEGINNER SEWERS, this is a lovely little projects to make for the girls in your life – a simple Pillow Case Dress – a great gift for girls to make yourself. And why not make a matching one for Dolly or Teddy?

Ladybird Hat Crochet Pattern

If crochet is your thing, how about this adorable Ladybird/ Ladybug Beanie Hat? Serious cuteness!

Crocheted Rosette Headband Flower

Or make this pretty Crochet Rose hairband?


Our final crochet DIY gift – these seriously cute little Teddy Amigurumis!

easy baby shoes

New Baby in the Family? Take a peak at these cute little shoes.

book bunting

Make some Comic Bunting for their Room – doesn’t it look fabulous?


Here are two ideas, that not STRICTLY speaking Homemade gifts, but I think they err in the right direction. I LOVE creating a Craft Box for friends’ kids.

science kit

Similarly, why not make your kids a Science Gift box? Make science so simple and so fun!

Well, that is quite a gifts for kids collection – hopefully they have inspired you to get crafty FOR your kids in your life. Whether it is a bigger project like the Dolls House or the Hobby Horse, or something smaller for their stocking or as a small visiting gift, like the Stone Ducks or the Dino Egg Soaps! Enjoy and GET CRAFTY!!