25 More Boy Craft Ideas

A while back I did a round up of “Crafts for Boys” – a round up of ideas focussing on things to make with and for boys. Of course all the ideas apply to girls too – there is no real “gender discrimination” – I have a girl and a boy myself and we make everyrthing together. But there are some crafts that DO appleal to my son more and vice versa.

So in order to get those boys crafting even more, here is a round up of our favourite Boy Crafts here on Red Ted Art. I hope you like them too!x

We love boy crafts AND girl crafts – in fact our crafts are suitable for both genders.

As mentioned we love crafting with boys and girls and our craft ideas are suitable for both! Over the years we found that some craft themes do motivate boys a little more to have a go… so move aside LEGOS, we are ready to get our hands dirty and make some fabulous BOY CRAFTS! Woohoo!

Easy crafts boys of all ages (girls too of course)xx

boy crafts

Solar System – a fun paper mache craft for kids of all ages! Make your own balloon papier mache solar system! This is great to compliment any homeschooling lesson on the plants, would be a wonderful Earth Day Project and also makes lovely room decor! You can go wrong with this childhood classic when looking to have a blast with boy crafts!

crafts for boys

  Grass Heads – another childhood classic tutorial that we have had much fun with over the years, are the DIY Grass Heads! Fun to make, inexpensive too and even more fun to watch grow and nurture.. then when the grass head is ready, give him a hair cut. So many fabulous leanring opportunities. Now with lesson plan too!

boy crafts

I made these Dino Egg Soaps FOR my kids, so these are probably something for older kids to have a go at, or for Mom to make! They sure are a blast from the past! We first made soap dino eggs soooo long ago. But my, where they fun! And a great gift for friends at Easter too. We used real egg shells as moulds. Such a fun craft project!

boy crafts

One year, I made a set of Angry Bird Eggs for my son! They were so fun to make and looked great on our Easter Tree. But, remember, these Angry Birds are just a decoration! Don’t go throwing them anywhere. Ha!

angry bird pom pom
DIY Angry Bird Game

If you want to throw the angry bird craft around.. have a go at these Angry Bird Pom Poms instead. Combine with a DIY Catapult and your little boy will have much fun for a very long time! Especially if you set up a Jenga Stack too!

boys crafts

  Traffic Light Cookies – next your little man, may need a snack to fortify himself again. Ok, so you need special cookie cutters for the cars – but oh my, the traffic light cookies are EASY to make and oh so tasty! We actually made them at a car themed party activity ones and all the boys LOVED them!

boy crafts

Where the Wild Things Are

boy crafts

Balloon Car Racing another one of those great crafts or activities perfect for a play date or cars themed party! A but of fun with STEAM too and so easy to set up! Such a fun Birthday party activity!

boy carfts

  TP Roll Robots – such a fun little craft and super easy to make. Love the “jacob’s ladder” paper arms and the sequins for robot buttons (you could use beads too!)

boy crafts

 Homemade Fingerpaint – a wonderful sensory activity for toddlers – boys and girls alike. This is a great taste safe recipe too!

boy crafts

Rock Monsters – such a simple craft! The kids loved making these rock buddies/ monsters. We then decorated them with markers and hid them at the local park for others to find!

boy crafts

 Marble Run – marble runs are much fun! Can be made from recycled materials and make for a great little STEAM project!

boy crafts

  Mini Robots – another great craft for older kids… tweens and young teen boys will love having a go at these mini robots.

boy crafts

Peanut Finger Puppets – who knew peanuts could be so much fun!

Magazine Christmas Cards – these were simple and fun to make and a great way to write our thank yous. Preschoolers can help make and maybe write their own name!

boy crafts

Ice Play & Colour Theory – combine a little food coloring with water and explore color theory with this ICE experiment. A great STEAM project for young boys and girls.

Leaf Crown – who is the king of the woods? Well whoever it is, when you are done doing a lot of running about, take a rest and make this fabulos leaf crown. Only leaves needed! No scissors, no glue… nothing!

Halloween Lanterns – a fun recycled project that we made YEARS ago. They are now our keepsake lanterns that we love to get out year on year. So fun so sweet! So SPOOKY!

Animation with Kids, even young kids can have a go at animation. Definitely not just an old boy activity!

Gumnut Pencil Toppers

Chestnut Streamer Toy

Stick Men – another long term favourite! Stick Men! All you need is a little fabric, glue and a stick to make these cute buddies!

Potato Printing Postcards – making your own stamps is easy adn exploring printing making is fabulous for kids of all ages!

Coloured Saltdough – salt dough is super fun to make, so so versatile and all you need is basic ingredients!

Cardboard Pirate Ship – follow our simple instructions to make your very own pirate ship! Har har! Easy peasy and lots of fun!

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