Pop-Up Easter Card Ideas to Make with Kids

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Check out our fun Easter Card Ideas to make with kids of all ages. Whether you are working with elementary students or middle school students. Here are some fantastic DIY Easter Cards to make. Cards are a fabulous Easter Craft for Kids.

Fun Easter Card Ideas
Wonderful Easter cards to make in the classroom

If you know Red Ted Art, you will know that we ADORE Pop-Up Cards! Pop-Up Cards are a wonderful simple STEAM project for kids. There are SO many (easy) ways to make fun pop up cards or 3d Cards. A great way to send some cheer and Easter blessings this Easter holiday season. Our grandparents especially love it when the kids end them a Happy Easter card.

Many of our Easter greeting cards come with printable templates and worksheets. Though kids are encourage to get as creative as possible and come up with their own designs or templates.

Of course these Pop Up Easter Card crafts are also fabulous to make at home!

There are few Easter themes that we like to explore when making greeting cards – Easter bunny, chicks, Easter Eggs, Easter baskets, flowers and rainbows all make good DIY Easter themes. I don’t have any religeous Easter cards FOR THE MOMENT, however, the aim of this collection is to teach card making techniques that can easily be expanded upon. The most common one would be this simple card pop-up mechanism – to which you could easily add a simple Easter cross or Mount Calvary drawing.

What is a nice Easter message? What do you write in an Easter card?

When writing your Easter card, you always need to think about the recipient. Do they like funny cards with puns? Or do they like sentimal cards with a nice Easter message? Should your card have a religeous Easter message or is it the card for a relative you simply want to keep in touch with?

Based on who you are writing to, you should adapt your message. We love to a simple

Happy Easter, with a short update of what we have been up to!

Handmade Easter Card – Supplies

Supplies needed for making our greeting cards, are generally very simple:

  • Card stock in desired colors
  • Construction paper or printer paper in desired colors (for the inside of the card)
  • Scissors
  • A glue stick (generally better than white glue)
  • Markers/ Pens/ Crayons for details or writing personalised greetings

Handmade Easter Cards are reall inexpensive to make!

DIY Easter Card Crafts with Easter Eggs

Let’s start with the humble Easter Egg Card. We have a 3d Easter Egg to share with you in three different versions, plus a clever coloring page technique.

easy pop up egg card

So first up we have the simplest of the pop-up egg cards.. literally JUST an egg. You can use pretty origami paper to make these, or I also have provided some printable egg templates with patterns!

your easy Pop Up card
Such a cute little Easter bunny to make from basic shapes!

If that has whet your appetite.. then up your came with this super duper cute Bunny Pop-Up Card version. Basically, same egg.. with some extra basic shapes added to have an Easter bunny hold the egg. Or….

your basic handmade easter chick card is done
Such a cute chick give the Easter Egg a hug!

… try the cute little Chick Pop-Up card DIY! They all come with printable worksheets and printable templates if you wish use them! But can also be hand cut!

From Coloring Pages to easy Pop Up Easter Card
Print coloring pages in “half size” to make them perfect for Easter card DIYs

This is a lovely time for teens who enjoy mindfulness coloring pages. This is a super fun DIY Card Tutorial, that shows you how to take a regular Easter coloring page and turn it into a fantastic personalised handmade Easter Card idea! It includes links to free Easter Coloring Pages to print and color. Soooo so lovely!

finisged pop up egg card

Alternatively.. here is a super quick and easy pop up card – the “one page” print, cut and fold Pop Up Easter Egg card. A super simple project for the classroom, only scissors and pens, markers or crayons needed. Encourage your students to get doodling away. With easy printable templates.

DIY Pop-Up Easter Bunny Card Ideas

Of course we will need some Easter Bunny Cards! Yes, I shared a bunny & egg card, already. But here are some more Bunny Easter Card designs and different type of pop-up card making techniques.

fun pop up bunny

You can’t go wrong with these Iconic Peeps Bunnies Pop Up Easter Cards. This uses the “paper chain” technique. If your students are comfortable with paper chain making (which most school age kids are), then they will love the simplicity of this po pup card.

Again classroom worksheets and template options available.

heart bunny

Large pop up bunny card! I love that you can have the simple pop up bunny “theme” and yet so many different ways to create pop up cards for Easter. This is our large “bunny face” pop up card. You can have lots of fun embellishing the back of the card with Easter Egg cut outs or flowers and garden scenery. Printable template and worksheets available.

hoppy easter cards

I love this origami bunny pop up card – as it is a super simple basic pop up. Once students have learnt how to make this pop up, they can add any Easter origami design to it, or draw their own Easter designs and messages. Lots of options for customizing! And yes.. printable worksheets available.

DIY Easter Chick Card Ideas

So we have done the Easter Egg Cards, we have some Easter Bunny Card Ideas too.. now it is time for some cute Chick Card Ideas!

Pop Up Easter Chick Cards

This is probably one of our most popular handmade Easter cards on Red Ted Art – a fantastic pop up chicks cards to make too! I think it is popular because you DON’T really need any printable templates. You simply need a glass or similar to trace as this Easter Chick is based on circles. The wings and feed are heart shaped (well a heart with three bumps in terms of the wings – but you catch my drift).

Simple pop up
Pop Up Chick beaks

These pop up chick cards are also popular – as they are kind of the back to basic pop-up card making from early childhood. The moving beak is really easy to make!

Though my focus has been on pop-up Easter cards (mainly because MY kids love pop up cards so much), I do want to include this set of FREE Printable template cards – you can make the Hatching Chick Weaving Card or the Bunny in Basket Card. The weaving adds an extra pretty dimension to your Easter card making and is great for fine motor skills. As mentioned.. the card templates are free too.

Other spring themed Greeting Cards to send at Easter

Of course Easter Card DIYs, doesn’t have to be all bunnies and chicks. Some lovely spring flowers can do the trick too. We have two designs for you:

Pop Up Flower Garden

Our super simple pop up flower garden. This is such and easy design, that the students can easily customise (you can even add an Easter egg or two if you really want to). Or we have….

spring daffodil cards

… these lovely popup daffodil cards to try out too! Florals are always popular.

Pop Up Rainbow cards

Pop-Up Rainbow Cards also make a lovely spring theme that you could use for Easter crafting!

I hope you have enjoyed our handmade Easter card ideas and that you feel inspired to have a go. ALL our cards can be made without purchases of templates.. some are free templates and the other cards, have step by step photo instructions and video tutorials to show you how to make your own versions too! Though additional templates are available for those that require a little extra support.

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