Easy Paper Chick Craft – Chick Easter Decoration

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We do love an Easter Paper Craft! And if it is an adorable and easy paper chick craft for Easter, then even better!! Today, we have some adorable “paper bauble chicks“!

adorable paper chick craft for the Easter Tree
These easy paper chicks are wonderful as Easter Tree decorations (first shared in March 2017)

Remember the paper baubles we have made in previous years (we have the photo baubles, the heart baubles and the rather darling snowman baubles?)… well, yes, we have done it again, with these fabulously easy paper chicks! Love. The kids will adore them too. So easy to make and look absolutely darling! And you HAVE to take a peak at the bunny bauble version too!!! CUTE! A fabulously easy Paper Easter Craft for kids to make.

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These adorable paper chicks can of course be made in any colour to suit your decor and theme, I made a set of pink, yellow and baby blue chicks.. but you can of course add other colours such as orange and green! Focus on a constrating shade of the color for the wings and a yellow or orange for the beak! Then grab your paper, pencil, scissors and glue and let’s get making!

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Anyway, I digress! I think I need a special paper chicks round up post!

Easy Paper Chick Craft – Supplies needed!

The supplies list, once again is pretty simple and doesn’t not require and unnecessary purchases to the craft store!

  • Coloured paper in a range of colours (yellow paper of course is nice), we actually used two toned paper for the wings, but same colour is fine! Construction paper works well too!
  • Glue stick
  • Bakers twine
  • Scissors
  • Something “round” to use as a circle template
  • Beads (optional)
  • Black markers or black pen (optional)

I have had many request re the white tree.. if you can’t get hold of one, why not make an Easter tree decoration by using some Easter branches (e.g. Pussy willow) in a large vase? Looks fabulous!

Easy Paper Chick Craft – How To

Of course we have a FABULOUS Paper Chick video how to for you today, but we have also copied out the instructions from this Paper Bauble post below, which can EASILY be adapted! You just need to add the beak at the beginning, as well as make your thread a bit longer to add the beaded feet!

Here are the step by step instructions for the Art Baubles – but the process of course is the same!

Trace and cut out 8 paper circles

Easy Paper Bauble - how to make chicks
Begin by tracing out 8 circles

1) Draw 8 circles with either a cup or a simple template (print a circle off from the internet). Ours were approximately 7-8cm in diameter. Alternatively, instead of tracing 8 circles, you can fold your paper enough times, so you have 8 layers of paper to cut at the same time. This works well if your paper is thin (e.g. origami paper), not so good if using construction paper.

Easy Paper Chicks Craft

2) Cut out 8-10 circle. You need to cut these as neetly as possible for the finished effect to be at its best. However, I have found that it doesn’t matter too much and that the craft is very forgiving.

You will also need to cut out a trianglue beak – orange construction paper is great.

And cut out some wings – we thought of our wings as hearts, but with three bumps at the top. We used the same color paper but a shade darker.

Assembling your paper chick

Paper Baubles - how to make easy paper chicks for easter

3) Fold circles in half. Make a good crease.

Easy Chick Crafts for Kids - Easter bauble decoration
Though we use PVA glue in this image, glue stick is much better and less messy!

4) Stick the left side one to the right side of the other (I would now of course use pritt stick, much easier). I found that if I held them for Red Ted he could do all the sticking.

Cut a double length of bakers twine – it needs to be long enough to hang as a loop as well as have have dangly bits at the bottom for “feet”. Tie on some beads as feet to the bottom ends.

When you get to the last one, add the ribbon, as well as gluing the beak in place.

Then glue the first circle to the last

Easy Easter Decoration for kids - turn these into adorable chicks

5) Even them all out a bit, if necessary add a tiny bit more glue.

Using a black pen or marker add two small eyes to either side of the beak.

And then take your paper wings, make a small fold and stick to one of the circles two along.

Your little paper bird ornaments are done! Woohoo!

Easy Paper Chick Craft - Chick Easter Decoration - Oh we do love a cute chick diy.. and these paper chicks are SO EASY. Yes, EASY, you can make them with the kids and they will adore them. Hooray for Paper Easter decorations!!!

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