Farm Animal Corner Bookmark Ideas


If you are looking for a farm animal craft idea, why not take a peak at these Farm Animal Corner Bookmark DIYs?! We ADORE Corner Bookmarks here on Red Ted Art (and even have a whole Animal Corner Bookmark design section).. so I thought putting our favourite designs together for anyone looking at farms as a study unit or just for fun, would be nice!

Learn how to fold and decorate these cute farm bookmarks!

Farm Animal Corner Bookmarks - see our collection of farmyard bookmarks
Farmyard Corner Bookmark Designs! So many fabulous Farm Animals to choose from!

I hope you love our farm bookmark selection for the very best in unique designs. There are so many animal corner bookmarks to choose from. From the goat bookmark corner, to cow/ bull corner bookmark designs, to horses, cats and dogs!

Now.. lets get started on these cute animal bookmarks!

Supplies needed to make animal bookmark corners

  • paper in desired animal colors – though you can use white paper and markers too (no cardstock needed)*
  • black pen for animal’s eyes or nose etc
  • glue stick
  • scissors

These bookmark corners do not need any templates, instructions for providing your own designs are provided!

*All bookmarks are made with a square paper. Though can start with any rectangular piece of paper and use a paper trimmer to cut it down.

Farmyard Bookmark Corner Designs

Let’s get started with our farm animal bookmark tutorials.

Farmyard Animal Bookmark Corner Designs
Here we have a choice of Cow Bookmark or Bull Bookmark

Cow Corner Bookmark

Here are our Cow and Bull Corner Bookmark Designs!! But hopefully the photos tell you the majority you need to know anyway! My son made the cow bookmark (he loves cows!) and I made the Bull.. he reminds me a little of Ferdinand! He would also be a great bookmark corner for Year of the Ox!

This little Piggy Went to market…

Pig Bookmark Craft

Oink oink!! What is not to love about these rather fun and Easy Pig Corner Bookmark! They just make me smile. As with all our corner bookmarks, you simply need the basic origami bookmark, some embellishments and done. So cute!

Adorable Sheep Bookmark Corners (love those lambs!)

DIY Sheep Bookmark

I love this family of Sheep Corner Bookmarks, including the little black lamb. So cute. These same design is applied to these ADORABLE Fondant Sheep – so quick and easy!

These Chicken Bookmark Corners ALWAYS make mes smile!

Chicken DIY Bookmark

Another firm favourite animal bookmark here on Red Ted Art are these fun Chicken Corner Bookmark! Aren’t they the cutest! And so easy to make a baby chick bookmark version too. Super fun! Perfect for any Farmyard Craft session or Easter Crafts with kids! Watch out that the fox doesn’t get these!

Goat Corner Bookmark Designs
Oh this Billy Goat Bookmark is the best!

Goat Bookmark Corner

The perfect Billy Goat Bookmark Corner for Billy Goat Gruff Fans. Or maybe your Chinese Zodiac Animal is the Goat. Another easy animal bookmark corner!!!

Turkey Corner Bookmark
Or how about a Turkey Bookmark Corner (great for Thanksgiving too)

Adorable Turkey Bookmark

This Kawaii Turkey Corner Bookmark always makes me smile. Using basic shapes (ovals) it is easy to make! You can add messages to the back of the feathers to turn it into a Thankfulness activity for Thanksgiving too!

One of our earlier designs – the bunny corner bookmark!

Simple Bunny Bookmark for Younger Children

These take me back a LONG way. One of our early bookmark corner designs, we have these super cute Bunny Corner Bookmark ! SO EASY and simple to make. And all you need is white printer paper!

And yes, this is a Unicorn, but great as Horse Corner Bookmarks too!

Horse Bookmark

Ok.. so is this a Horse Corner Bookmark or a Unicorn? Clearly it is the latter.. but we also know, that you simply need to “leave out” the horn and you have a fabulous horse indeed. Perfect for any Farm Animal Corner Bookmark making! Woohoo!

Adorable Emoji Puppy Bookmark Corner

Dog Bookmark

And time for our Dog Corner Bookmark – based on the adorable Emoji Puppy, this is another fun little bookmark to make. Such a cute bookmark for dog lovers! Love that adorable little sticky out tongue too!

And that.. is it for our Farm Animal Bookmark Corner collection! Of course there are many more different animals you can make. But this is just to get you started. I hope you feel inspired to have a go. Paper crafting really is so fun.

See many more of our Animal Corner Bookmark designs here, as well as our 12 Chinese Zodiac Animal Bookmarks:

Over 100 adorable Corner Bookmark Designs - learn how to make an origami bookmark with kids.
Farm Animal Corner Bookmarks - see our collection of farmyard bookmarks