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Kids Crafts: Kids Easter Egg Decorating

| February 22, 2012 | 33 Comments

easter eggs decorAaargh EASTER?! I hear you exclaim? What? But Easter is aaaages away… yes yes, I know, but… the kids don’t really care that we made Easter Eggs Chicks already, they just had fun. If you want to make these, you have to start on some egg blowing (check out how on my How To Make Easter Eggs Post)  and collecting of empty egg shells AND I saw some tissue paper wibbly wobbly eggs on 5 Orange Potatoes and really wanted to try the “Tissue paper” technique  out! So Easter Eggs Chicks you have! We have made Easter Birds last year – but last year, I painted them first and Red Ted helped me decorate. What I love about these tissue paper Easter eggs, is that both children could join in MORE. Red Ted (4) managed it all himself AND they can now play with our rooster and birds, as they are not as fragile as your traditional decorated egg shells. Perfect.

easter egg decorating ideas

Today is a very special “Kids Get Crafty” Link up day”!! As today the wonderful Alissa from Creative with Kids joins me as a co-host! What does that mean for you? Well.. you can either come back to Red Ted Art or go to Creative With Kids to link up your ideas. The added benefit is that more people will see the link up through both sites and hopefully more people will discover your wonderful blogs and kids craft creations! Hooray! Thank you Alissa for coming on board. I am so pleased and excited to have you co-host!

To the Easter Eggs Craft!

Materials: “Blown Egg Shells”, Tissue paper, PVA or Mod Podge, things for decorating – we used googly eyes, feathers and funky foam.

1) Blow your eggs and make sure are fully dried. Cut your tissue paper into strips and squares.

how to make easter eggs

2) Add glue to your strips of tissue paper and then wrap the paper around you egg. Add several layers. You can use a small brush if you don’t want sticky fingers! Pip Squeak actually broke one of the eggs whilst we were doing it (she decided it bang it on the table)… but with the tissue paper we just patched up the hole and used the egg anyway! You can see the tend, if you look for it, but I don’t think it matters!

kids easter eggs ideas

3) Let dry. Add your googly eyes, beaks, roosters combs and feathers. The children chose all the colours, which I adore.

Easy peasy and cute as newly hatched chicks!

Our Rogues Gallery, we LOVE the Rooster:

Red Ted’s Chicks

easter egg decorating kids easter eggs easter eggs decor

Pip Squeaks:

egg decorating easter chick crafts easter chick crafts

And here all the Easter chicks together:

easter chick craft


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Have you made any Easter Eggs yet? What are your Easter egg decorating ideas?

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  1. woohoo – these chicks are adorable and the most colourful lot! I loved the patterned one too!
    I\’m sure I\’m going to try these.

    Congratulations for the very creative – Creative With Kids to join you. May your tribe keep increasing and expanding! :)

  2. Ali says:

    They are the cutest little easter chicks. I want some…

  3. Oh Maggy, they are gorgeous. xx

  4. Red Ted Art says:

    Aaaah thank you all! And we had fun making them AND most importantly, they don\’t break (well unless you play tennis with them)… ours have been dropped on a number of occassions!

  5. They are so cute and the love the picture of them in a line! Brilliant.

  6. These are darling little chicks!

  7. ooh ooh! Other me has same same but different coming up soon. Love things like this so much fun for adults and kids :)

  8. love these eggs! How some humble tissue paper & feathers transformed them into something so fun & cute!

    How fab that Alissa is co-hosting! yay! :)

  9. Red Ted Art says:

    @Bluebear can\’t wait to see what you made!!

    @Bernadette – thank you :-) and all the tissue paper was recycled from gifts too! Yay! And yes, Hoorah to Alissa!

  10. MotherWifeMe says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG they are just the coolest, cutest ever. So much so, I\’ve pinned a pic of the super cute red one straight onto my Pinterest \’Magpie Gems\’ board.

    Given I was banging onto you on Twitter yesterday about Easter making me think (pretty much solely) about chocolate, you have actually given Easter another reason (other than the religious bits natch!) to exist in my psyche! Thank you!!

  11. emma says:

    I love them, they\’re fabulous, I will be pinning them for reference when I\’m doing my Easter services, thanks

  12. Daria says:

    OMG – this is adorable! Perfect fun, tactile and just too cute. Thanks for a great craft!

  13. Amanda says:

    They are gorgeous so colourful!

  14. Lilac says:

    These are so adorable! I can\’t wait to make these chicks with my kids – they will love them..

  15. Red Ted Art says:

    Thank you all for your LOVELY comments! *BEAM*

  16. Vicky says:

    Just pinned these cuties. They are just the cutest thing ever!

  17. These are adorable!! Would love it if you would share them at Sharing Saturday!! Thank you!!

  18. Liz Burton says:

    These are so cute! Not sure I can face blowing any more eggs though!

  19. They are just too cute Maggy.

    I was talking about egg decorating with some friends and we thought the girls might be a bit rough with them and break them. I love the tissue paper idea.

    Thanks for linking to Fun Sparks. x

  20. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday! I hope you will share with us again this week!

  21. Suzy says:

    Oohh! I love these. I think I will have to get easter eggs crafty with the girl this weekend. So glad I found you!

  22. These are great! I love them especially as, for some odd reason, I always have spare tissue paper, googly eyes, glue and eggs in the house! Also a great craft that both my children can take part in – I have a just 3 year old boy and a soon to be 8 year old girl and struggle to find all encompassing crafts for them to do together. Thank you and a very happy Easter!

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