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This is a very quick post to WELCOME new AND old readers back to Red Ted Art. Those familiar with the site and my work already, know that I have well over 2500 craft articles at your finger tips right now……. but they MAY be hard to find.

So I am pointing you to the following places.

If I notice particular pages being SUPER popular, I will update this page etc with latest info, so you can also find it!

Trending Posts:

Supporting those themes and interests we have trending right now

I hope these ideas are enough to get you started!


I promise our Preschool Crafts are not all messy!! Hahaha.

On the menu browser, I have a Preschool Crafts Page. This has all my “collections” of ideas for preschoolers – current key ones would be:

I rotate these around to make the most seasonal go to the top. But this is a great way to start browsing ideas.

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5yrs Plus NOT on YouTube

Btw this is the same boy as in the image above 🙂 hasn’t he grown?!!!

Again, the Menu Button should again be of help..

There are also our top Paper Crafts, Printable Crafts and Kids Crafts (though this last page is VERY LONG AND Full.. I need to somehow fix it). Key areas for the coming weeks are:

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Paper Projects Book

If you are keen to get the kids totally off screens, but still creating, I wrote a paper projects book aimed at kids aged 8 – 12yrs old! It is crammed packed with 60+ ideas to get kids crafting and KEEP them crafting. Projects encourage you to learn and then create your own ideas.

I have signed copies for UK readers available – email me on info@redtedart.com to arrange this.

Else full info on my Easy Paper Projects Book here.

Easy Paper Projects book

YOUTUBE – ideally 8-12yrs

Though it is better for me (long story) if you visit my crafts on this website, this YouTube playlist is for YOUR KIDS to try and work on more or less (!!) by themselves with relatively straight forward supplies.

Great EDUCATIONAL Screen Time with a break(ish) for you! I will keep updating this playlist with seasonally relevant projects for your kids to give a go.

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I created this list after my brother who is now in lock down with THREE BOYS asked for it… good luck, bro.

Ages: 8-12yrs (younger kids can do it with parental help)

Supplies needed (depending on video): Paper, Stationary, Needle & Thread + recycled materials, Wool, recycled materials or other items from around the house (e.g. make some salt dough etc). There are some other bits and pieces you may need, but overall that is it!

I picked my easiest/ most popular projects.. and the ideas is.. you take a look either make it as it is, or adapt it to YOUR INTERESTS! One video = 10s of variations.

With the sewing projects, the ideas is that you START THEM off, but help them here and there. Once kids get the hang of sewing, they can keep busy for AGES!!!! Same goes for finger knitting (and normal knitting!).

I hope these are helpful. Happy Crafting everyone.