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Paper Plate Crafts

| April 16, 2014 | 7 Comments

If you are a regular reader of Red Ted Art, you will have spotted some Paper Plate crafty explosion recently.. we have been making Paper Plate Spring Nests and have been doing some Paper Plate weaving, as well as making little Easter Baskets/ “handbags” (though these are ostentatiously for Easter, they actually work really well as a handbag party activity or as a favours basket at any other time of year).  I think it is because we inherited a stash of paper plates and thought it was about time to create some paper plate crafts! As per usual, I got together with some other crafty people and we created another Paper Plate video for you, discussing our favourite paper plate crafts and showing them all to you…. and then add links to full projects and other ideas too!

Over 25 Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

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Our Paper Plate Crafts Video

Paper Plate Crafts (links):

Red Ted Art

1. Paper Plate Face – exploring yourself (30sec)

Paper Plate Nests - Preschooler Crafts

2. Paper Plate Spring Nests(1min 20sec)

Paper Plate Waving How To steps

3. Paper Plate weaving (2min 20sec)

Here Come the Girls

Paper Plate flower

4. Paper Plate Daffodil (4min)

5. Paper Plate Frozen Snowman (4min 40sec) – watch the video

My Little 3 and Me

6. Paper Plate Sunflower (feeder for birds) (6min 10sec) – watch the video!

Paper Plate Crafts spider

7. Paper Plate CLIMBING Spider (7min)

Paper Plate rabbit

8. Paper Plate Mask (Bunny, Frog)  (7min 50sec)

9. Paper Plate Carrot Baskets (8min 50) – watch the video!

Rainy Day Mum

10. Paper Plate Pigs (great for Preschoolers) (9min 40) – watch the video!

11. Paper Plate Elephant (10min) – watch the video!

12. Paper Plate Jelly Fish (10min 30sec)

Zing Zing Tree

13. Paper Plate Ladybird (opens up) (11min 10sec) watch the video!


14. Diaoramas (Flowers, Ocean, Rainbow) (12min 30sec)

15. Weebly Wobbly (13min 40sec) – watch the video

Kids Chaos


16. Paper Plate Biscuit Basket (14min 45sec)

Paper Plate flowers

17. Paper Plate Flowers Hair piece (15min 45 sec)

Here are more Paper Plate Crafts

Easter Basket Paper Plates

18. Easter Baskets/ “handbags”  (take away the Easter decorations and they work any time of year!

Paper Plate Crafts for kids - jelly fish

19. Fun Jelly Fish

Paper plate crafts

20. Crown

Paper Plate Crafts for kids

21. Paper Plate Purse


22. Sunshine Rainbows 

Paper Plate Crafts

23. Paper Plate Dinosaurs (with templates)


24. Fine Motor Skills & Alphabey Game 

paper plate mailboxes

25. Paper Plate Mailboxes

paper plate birds

26. Paper Plate Birds


27. Paper Plate Fruit

15 Books about Aliens and Space

28. Adorable Pre Schooler Flying Saucer Craft

create lovely salad plate spin art

29. Create some fabulous Spin Art


30. Adorable Paper Plate Flowers for young kids to make

Hope you liked these Paper Plate Crafts! Would love to hear in the comments what YOUR favourite paper plate crafts are!

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  1. fabulous collection as ever, thanks for featuring me!

  2. Ramaa says:

    Very creative ideas done in easy way.Easy for kids

  3. Adria says:

    Great ideas!!! Keep them coming!

  4. priya amruthanath says:

    I would like to subscribe for this site for my daughter

  5. Great collection of paper plate crafts. I love using paper plates for crafting because they are so inexpensive.

  6. jennifer dumser says:

    My friend’s kids painted orange and yellow rings around the white center…cut into wedges you have the cutest candy corn ever!!!

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