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15 Owl Crafts

| July 21, 2014 | 1 Comment

We LOVE Owls here at Red Ted Art, I don’t know what it is about owls, but they are just so cute and adorable and they are PERFECT for crafting – as you have so many distinct features. Browsing my blog recently, I noticed that we did have quite a number of Owl Crafts and Ideas to share with you, so I thought, I would bring them all together in one place. These Owl Ideas are perfect for owl lovers all year round or for a “less spooky” Halloween.

15 Owl Crafts - What a Hoot

I will kick the owl crafts off with a super simple pom pom owl craft.. less for the craft itself, but for the list of 10 Gorgeous Owl Books that go with it.. as you can read any of those lovely 10 owly books.. and then check out all of the crafts below to go with them!

Owl Books and Owl Craft (3)

…there really is nothing quite like a nice story and a craft to go with it!

Pine Cone Crafts - OwlHere we made some little Pine Cone Owls – I love combining nature items with craft materials like this.

Owl Crafts - Hama Bead Keyrings

Hama Bead Owl Key Ring – a lovely little gift to a friend or a teacher too!

Owl Cupcakes - friendly halloween treats

Pip Squeak LOVES these Owl Cupcakes – I made a “Cake” version for her next!The Owl and the Pussy Cat

I really LOVE these Glove Owls (and pussycat) as they are  SO EASY to sew, I promise! You simply need and odd glove, make a few stitches and done.

Juice Carton Crafts Bird Feeder

We loved converting our juice craton into a Juice Carton Owl Craft come bird feeder!

Walnut Owl Craft

Walnuts are such a quirky material to craft with – tactile and fun – and are perfect for these cute little Walnut Owlsowl  stone

Painting stones is a lovely activity for kids, but for younger kids it can be a bit tricky. So paint your stones white first and turn them into a blank canvas. Then let the kids draw on their Stone Owls.

TP Roll Owl

We call this our Doodle Owl, but TP Roll are perfect for Owls – we have Doddle Owl here and also have done a Pumpkin Seed OwlEasy Owl Pinata Craft - check out our monster too

Here is a great little DIY Owl Pinata – using paper bags and post it notes!

A while back we explore the whole alphabet using handprints – here is O for Owl

Owl EggsHere is a little Egg Owl Craft– who says you are not allowed to blow eggs at this time of year?!


Recycled Plastic Bottle Owl Craft  

owl pumpkin

Owl Pumpkin (I am in love)

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  1. Dganit Platt says:

    Owls are very wise, a great animal to be obsessed with! Love the owl pumpkin–not sure if I have the skills to carve like that though!

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