Corner Bookmarks for Boys

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As you are well are were we are GREAT fans of Paper Crafts (in fact my new book is ALL about Paper Crafts!!) and more specifically Corner Bookmark Designs. Corner bookmarks are a quick and fun activity – perfect for both in the home and the classroom. They brighten up your school books or latest reads and also make great little gifts for kids to make!  What is not to love? Even if your child is not an avid reader.. they will have reading to do at school or pages to mark in workbooks.. make some corner bookmarks to help brighten their day! Now. This “title” is controversial as I have labelled it Corner Bookmarks for Boys. Eeep. Why the gender separation? Why Crafts for Boys? Why not keep it simple and for everyone?

Why Crafts for Boys..

In short – because YOU have asked for it 🙂 I have a son AND a daughter and I would say ALL my crafts are both children. However, there is a clear difference in their interests…. Red Ted simply LOVES the Yeti Bookmark corner, while Pip Squeak can’t get enough of the Mermaid Bookmarks. Red Ted loves Star Wars and well, Pip Squeak doesn’t. There are plenty of girls that do of course… but this post is simply to help those parents or teachers of “reluctant boys”. I created a Crafts for Boys round up years ago and had SUCH positive feedback from it, that I thought it would be helpful to organise our bookmarks into “for boys” too.

This of course means EVERYONE, depending on their personal interests can make these. And also means that boys may want to check out the rest of our Corner Bookmark Designs as there are plenty more ideas for them! All the bookmarks in this post are based on the traditional and super easy Origami Bookmark Corner!

Easy Corner Bookmarks for Boys. Fun Bookmark Designs that boys will love. From Minecraft, to Sponge Bob to Flag Bookmarks and more. Paper Crafts for Boys!

Other Boy Themed Corner Bookmarks

This is our “general theme” Corner Bookmark Section.. the designs didn’t really fit into any other categories… personally I think most boys will fast foward to the computer game and TV section. But let’s start with this ecclectic bunch first!

 Easy Origami Corner Bookmark How To - turn them into Monsters, Owls and wherever your imagination takes you. A great little gift for book lovers on Father's Day  

Monster Corner Bookmarks (where it all began!!!)

Yeti Bookmark Corner Design

Fun with circuits with these “Light Up my Life” Bookmark Corners! Aren’t they clever? Complete with free printable!


Pug Bookmark Corner

Fidget Spinner Bookmark DIY

Pizza Bookmark DIY


Leprechaun Bookmark Corner

Dragon Corner Bookmark 

Paper Pig Corner Bookmark

monkey bookmark YT emoji dog poop-emoji

Monkey Bookmark

emoji dog/ puppy

Poop Emoji Bookmark

Icon Corner Bookmarks for Boys

This is what I call the “icon” section.. social media, flags etc. I will add to it over time (especially if you send me your requests!).


YouTube Bookmark Corner

Snapchat Ghost Bookmark

American Flag Bookmark

emoji bookcorner

Emoji Bookmarks – you have to LOVE emojis, right?!

Computer Game Corner Bookmarks for Boys

Aaaah the section you have all been waiting for! We have some Minecraft, Fortnite and LOTS of Pokemon Corner Bookmarks.

creeper-bookmark-yt minecraft pig bookmark yt   

Fortnite Llama Bookmark

Creeper Bookmark

Minecraft Pig Bookmark

Pokemon Go Bookmark Corners -Some of the best Corner Bookmark designs ever. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Based on an EASY Origami Bookmark design, this is a great introduction to paper crafts for kids!#bookmarks #cornerbookmarks #bookmarkcorner #diybookmarks #bookmarkdesigns

If you love Pokemon and are looking for an easy origami bookmark based make, you will love this Pokemon Bookmark series. I haven’t put these ALL on the blog yet.. but you can preview all 9 designs in this one handy spot on YouTube!

 Pikachu Corner Bookmark - so easy and simple  Pokemon Corner Bookmark - love this Origami based bookmark, it pops over the edge of your book and keeps your page safe. Perfect for Pokemon Go fans Angry Bird Corner Bookmarks

Pikachu Bookmark Corner 

Poke Ball Bookmarks

Angry Birds Corner Bookmarks

Books, Movies & TV Program related bookmarks

Next we have lots of great BOOK related Corner Bookmarks (my favourites), but also some relating to favourite TV programs and movies. Find Harry Potter, Some Geronimo Stilton, Sponge Bob and of course Disney and Sesame Street!

  Harry Potter Bookmark  

Harry Potter Bookmark Collection

Harry Potter Bookmark 

Hermione & Ron Bookmarks


Doraemon Bookmark DIY

 Thing 1 & Thing 2

Cheese Corner Bookmark (for Geronimo Stilton or Diary of a Wimpy Kids (Cheese touch) fans)

mickey-mouse-corner-bookmark Adorable Totoro Corner bookmarks. Easy and fun to make.  Easy and fun to make Minion Bookmarks - use basic origami skills to learn ow to make these fun minions

Mickey Mouse Bookmark

Totoro Bookmark

Minion Bookmarks


Disney’s Stitch Corner Bookmark

Elmo bookmark

Cookie Monster Bookmark

Easy DIY Drath Vader Bookmark - a perfect little gift for Father's Day!Spongbob Bookcorner Craft! One for the kids patrick

Darth Vader Corner Bookmark (fabulous for Father’s Day!)

Sponge Bob Bookmark

Patrick Bookmark

  TMNT Corner Bookmarks

TMNT bookmarks

Fall & Halloween Corner Bookmarks for Boys

Nothing quite like keeping your bookmark seasonally update. Here are our Halloween inspired Corner Bookmarks.

cute-origami-bats ghost-emoji-2 sugar-skulls-bookmark-diy

Technially not a corner bookmark – but these Easy Origami Bats work perfectly too!

Ghost emoji or Snapchat Ghosts – what ever tickles you, this ghots bookmark is CUTE!

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Bookmarks


Pumpkin Emoji Bookmark

Christmas Corner Bookmarks for Boys

…and of course some Christmas Bookmark Corners too! The Christmas Tree Corner Bookmarks is probably one of our favourite makes during the Christmas Season!

christmas-bookmark-designs pikachu-santa-christmas angel-emoji-bookmark-yt

Christmas Tree Bookmark

Christmas Pikachu Bookmark

Angel Emoji Bookmark

  father-christmas-bookmark snowman-bookmark-yt

Santa Bookmark (oh he is so jolly!! Ho! Ho! Ho!)

Snowmen Bookmarks

I do hope you have some fun with our Corner Bookmark Designs for Boys! And that it encourages boys to get crafty AND of course read too!!!

See our FULL collection of Corner Bookmark Designs, with lots of great Animal Bookmarks, that I am sure many boys would love too:

Easy Corner Bookmarks for Boys. Fun Bookmark Designs that boys will love. From Minecraft, to Sponge Bob to Flag Bookmarks and more. Paper Crafts for Boys!

More Crafts for Boys:

Easy Corner Bookmarks for Boys. Fun Bookmark Designs that boys will love. From Minecraft, to Sponge Bob to Flag Bookmarks and more. Paper Crafts for Boys!

Easy Corner Bookmarks for Boys. Fun Bookmark Designs that boys will love. From Minecraft, to Sponge Bob to Flag Bookmarks and more. Paper Crafts for Boys!