Cute Polar Bear Crafts

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We love Winter Crafts for Kids.. in particularly we adore ANIMAL crafts. Combine the two and you are either looking at adorable Penguin Crafts for Kids OR, like today.. Cute Polar Bear Crafts for Kids!

Polar Bear Crafts

Artic animals, and specifically polar bear are a great winter craft to get stuck into! I love the colour schemes of all the blues and whites! We have a lovely set of polar bear activities for you to check out, from simple polar bear art projects, projects to supper fine motor skills and a tasty polar bear treat too!

As with all our crafts here on Red Ted Art, I encourage you to have a good browse of your craft supplies/ stash/ materials and to work with what you have! Don’t make unnecessary purchases by rushhing out to amazon or the dollar store. Crafting should be easy and accessible to do with every day materials!

I hope you have a blast with these ideas shared today!

Great some Lessons around International Polar Bear Day!

Why not make some of these wonderful winter crafts for kids on International Polar Bear Day? Crafting polar bears is a great addition to any lesson plans looking to learn about International Polar Bear Day, which falls on February 28th. Learn more about this awareness event here.

Paper Polar Bear Crafts for Kids

We LOVE crafting with paper.. so much more, that I even wrote a WHOLE craft book dedicated to paper. Paper is inexpensive and usually accessible to all.. and oh so versatile.. I share ONE of the projects from my book, but the rest of the ideas here today are available for free on this website/ blog/ the internet!

Polar Bear Ornament

First up.. how about these adorable 3d Polar Bear Ornaments is part of my Easy Paper Projects book – it is packed with great projects that only need paper, card, scissors, glue and pens.. do take a look. A great Christmas Gift!

Polar Bear Origami

A really lovely and easy winter craft is this Easy Polar Bear Origami – how cute is this little paper polar bear? All you need is printer paper and a pen to make this cute little origami project. It is a great one for beginners or young children, beginning to explore shapes and symmetry. This would be lovely as part of a collage or card making craft for Winter or Christmas! This one is a great polar bear craft for preschoolers to give a go!

Super Simple Polar Bear Card as part of our quick and Easy Christmas Craft Series

Another Polar Bear Craft for Preschoolers AND older kids – make a Polar Bear Card! We have a set of 10 SUPER SIMPLE Christmas Cards – designed to be made quickly and easily (and maybe even part of a production line). Perfect for sending to LOTS of friends and family at Christmas. The Polar Bear Card, Penguin Card and Red Ted Card are also great as “Thank You” Cards post Christmas! For the polar bear, you simply need some white card stock, and some coloured pieces of paper for the snout and small circle rosy cheeks. So very easy to make! You don’t even have to draw a polar bear outline.

Polar Bear Valentines

Though, I don’t quite have your handprint polar bear for you today.. print making is still fun, and make these fabulous potato printing polar bears! Particularly good for any children with sensory issues and who don’t like to get paint on their whole hand. Though you may want to encourage them to add fingerprint ears and snow. We didn’t have any blue card stock this time, so just used some “heavier weight” blue constructino paper folded in half. I am sure it would have looked fabulous on balck paper or black card too. We made these polar bear prints as our Thank You cards this year! I think they make a lovely winter art project too!

Polar Bear Corner Bookmark

Polar Bear Corner Bookmark – no collection of crafts is complete with our a Corner Bookmark Design. Corner Bookmarks are easy to make and you can decorate them in so many different ways. Love this little Polar Bear Design! Too cute. Just add the polar bear’s face with additional scraps of paper.. and then draw on te paws and claws. Done. So easy.

Polar Bear Desk Tidy

Grab your construction paper, glue stick and let make this Polar Bear Desk Tidy – and yes, we seem to have a DIY Desk Tidy for almost every occasion too. Well why wouldn’t you.. when they are so easy to make.. and just require a little bit of paper. So here we go.. our Polar Bear Desk Tidy. And if you wish you can make a whole Christmas or Winter set too! You can use the same principle to decorate toilet paper rolls too if you wish! Once your polar bear is done.. grab some black construction paper and make him a companion penguin (and yes, I know one is an artic animal and the other is an antartic animal.. but they still look fabulous together and you can always discuss this as an interesting lesson with your kids!).

More Polar Bear Ideas for Kids

Polar Bear Ornaments

I think I need a set of arctic animals ornaments.. to get things staretd, how about these Wine Cork Polar Bear Ornament – how cute are these ornaments??? Love that champagne corks, make the perfect Polar Bear head shape. These are part of a set of Wine Cork Ornaments to explore and have a go at (the Gingerbread Man is ridiculously cute too!). You will need some small scraps of felt for the polar bear’s ears and scarf and then paint the cork white, leaving a small area for the snout clear.

polar bear crochet patterns
Polar bear crochet pattern

If you are working with older kids.. or you love to crochet yourself.. you may just ADORE this free polar bear crochet pattern. Isn’t it the cutest? We recommend making this in super chunky yarn for extra squishness. A great beginner crochet pattern too!

Newspaper Polar Bear Project

Don’t have any white paper? Fear not, hop over to I Heart Crafty Things, as a go at Polar Bear Newspaper Art Projects – you can get templates for this one too! Preschoolers will love giving this bear project a go! It uses simple shapes, so no polar bear template is needed! Just basic shapes, some markers and you glue sticks. Instead of googly eyes, you can draw some big eyes onto paper and cut them out. Great for additional cutting practice, as well as biodegradable and eco friendly (perfect if using this in a lesson about International Polar Bear Day on February 28th).

Paper Plate Polar Bear

Another fun winter activity is this idea by A Dab of Glue shows who shows us how to make a Paper Plate Polar Bear! And yes.. and other great Polar Bear Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers! Polar animals really are adorable! Isn’t that black pom pom nose adorable? Such a cute little detail to ad dto the bear’s face! Though you can make it with black paper too or use a black marker pen, should you not have any pom poms too hand!

shaving foam polar bear

Parenting Chaos has this wonderful shaving cream polar bear art project! Is this a jolly bear?! Such a cute face. In addition to the shaving cream you will need some white consturction paper and some black construction paper. Then practice your cutting skills and have lots of sensory play fun with the shaving foam. Alternatively, you could easily replace the shaving foam with some puffy paint as well. Check out our easy puffy paint recipe here. OR you could use some cotton balls too!

Polar Bear Hot Chocolate

No no no.. this is shaving cream polar bear art.. this is a fantastic artic treat for kids this winter: Make this delicious looking Polar Bear Hot Chocolate by Little Passports ! Isn’t this little guy the cutetst? My kids would die for this!

These are all the “traditional” Polar Bear Crafts for Kids we have for you today! But we also have some additional Ted Crafts:

Red Ted Crafts:

We of course also have a whole set of Red Ted Crafts.. Our popular little mascots has a set of fabulous crafts to with him… and he is a Polar Bear too!

Ted Bookmarks kids can make

Red Ted Corner Booikmark design

Hooray for Ted and the Ted Corner Bookmark. No collection of crafts would be complete without a Corner Bookmark design.. right? Learn how to make this Ted Bookmark from scratch!

We also have some cute little Ted you can print out and laminate. Combine with some fabulously easy DIY Tassles in Red Ted Art colours and you have the perfect little Teddy Bear Bookmark.

photo of pip and ted bookmarks to print and laminate

And where there is Ted.. there is Pip!!! We also made some OH SO CUTE Pip Bookmarks to print and keep!

Collection of Ted Bear Bookmarks! Double sided printable

Or.. even better.. love these multiple Ted Bookmarks! Perfect with a Ted Coloured Tassle or braid. So cute!

Fun with Ted Sewing Projects

Sew a Softie Teddy Bear with Red Ted Art

As you know, we also love to SEW!! And created two fabulous Ted Sewing Projects for kids. Our first is the Ted Softie… choose from super simple running stitch and gluing on the features or spending more time practicing other stitches.. make it as easy or complicated as you like!

HOw to make a Ted Purse from denim and felt

And then.. we have our Ted Purse made with recycled denim jeans and t-shirt yarn in a 4 way braid. The best bit? Ted is a little pocket for pens, tissues or even your mobile phone!

More fun with Ted Crafts

how to make a moving teddy bear paper puppet - printable red ted crafts

Another “Must make” here on Red Ted Art. We are great fans of Paper Puppets.. and of course had to make sure that we also had a Ted Paper Puppet!! So cute!!! Print, cut and assemble or colour your own!

dress your ted father's day card printable

Or how about your “dress your own Ted greeting card? We made this one for Father’s Day.. but to be honest, dressing up Ted is fun any time of year!!!

Super simple Ted Card Design for Christmas

Learn how to make a super simple Ted Card – ideal for Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards or Thank You Cards!

Merry Christmas Card with Ted
Super simple pop up card with Ted for Christmas!

And yay!! We have this fabulous Merry Christmas with Ted card for you to check out too.

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