Toilet Paper Roll Animal Crafts for Preschool

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We love Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids! Here is a collection of our favourite Toilet Paper Roll Animal Crafts for Preschool though of course older age groups will enjoy these too. These animal crafts make great DIY toys and are a wonderful prop for story telling and pretend play.

Paper Roll Animal Crafts are so cute and easy!

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Why craft with Toilet Paper Rolls?

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts are inexpensive, plentiful and versatile! Crafting with empty Toilet Paper Rolls is especially wonderful for young children, as young kids like to create LOTS (so a plentiful resource is great), they often make “mistakes” – but a toilet roll is not intimidating (in the same way a large sheet of white paper can be), so kids can be “free-er” when creating with Toilet Paper Rolls. There is no right or wrong just some “trash” to get crafty with.

What to make with Empty Toilet Paper Rolls?

As mentioned we have an extensive list of Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids with over 100 ideas for you to choose from.. however… a 100 ideas can sometimes be a little intimidating.. so today, I have picked out all our favourite Toilet Paper Roll Animal Crafts for you! The majority of them are DIY Paper Toilet Roll Toys (my kids used to play with these for hours on end), but we have also included some fabulous Paper Roll Marionettes, as well as some mini Toilet Paper Roll pinatas (bats) and Toilet Paper Roll Gift Boxes (the chicks are particularly wonderful!).

Supplies needed for these cute paper roll animals

The basic supplies list is simple – obviously depending on the craft you will need some other bits and bobs too.. but the basics are:

  • Paper rolls, be it paper towel rolls, toilet rolls or other cardboard tubes of choise.. cut to size and have fun
  • Paints in desired animal colors
  • Paint brushes
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue or glue stick or hot glue if you want to speed up the process!
  • Googly eyes and other embellishments (e.g. colored construction paper) depening on the toilet roll creature you are making!

The best bit about the adorable cardboard tube critters, is that you won’t need any templates! The projects are cute and easy to follow!

Toilet Paper Roll Animal Crafts: The Zoo Animals

We love Zoo animals.. from Toilet Paper Roll Lions to Koalas.. take a look at this super duper cute Zoo Animal collection! Which Zoo animals would you like me to add in future?

  • Arty recycled fun with this Love Struck Lion Craft – Toilet Paper Roll Lion – so cute! Love the bright colourful main for Valentine’s Day, but of course you can make this lion craft in traditional colors too!
  • Toilet paper Roll Koala (seriously cute)
  • Toilet Paper Roll Zoo Play set (new safari animals including Zoo story books) – I think the spotty leopard is my favourite! My son loved put the spots on with a marker pen!


Toilet Paper Roll Animal Puppets

Yep.. you can have LOTS of fun with Toilet Paper Rolls.. turn this humblest of all craft materials into some fantastic Toilet Paper Roll Marionettes and Toilet Paper Roll Animal puppets. Here are our favourite!


Toilet Paper Roll Animal Crafts: The Farm Animals

Time for some toilet paper roll farm animals… I know I am bias, but I think I love those Toilet Paper Roll Chick Treat Boxes the best (so quick, so easy and oh so cute!).


Toilet Paper Roll Animal Crafts: General Animals

More every day animal crafts (aka, I didn’t know where else to fit these lovely  Toilet Paper Roll Animals in) from Pinata Bats, to Doodle Owls, which will you make first? Maybe we should call these general animal crafts or “other animal” crafts!!



Movie, Stories and Fairy Tale Toilet Paper Roll Animals

I hope you agree that this is collection of cardboard tube crafts really is EASY and that you don’t really need any printables to give them ago. And that you found some fun ideas to get crafty with your little ones.

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