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Chinese New Year Get Crafty – A Mini Kids Craft Round Up for You!

| January 14, 2012 | 22 Comments

Chinese New Year Crafts for KidsA quick, cheeky “extra” Round Up for you – Chinese New Year Crafts for Kids! (Yes yes, I know I say I do them monthly… but sometimes you have to just change the dates around a little, so everyone can make something!!). It is a shorter get crafty than usual, but hopefully full of inspiration.

Chinese New Year is the most important festival in China – a literal translation is that it is the Spring Festival and the start of a new Zodiac year. Houses are cleaned out for a fresh start and entrances to the home decorated with red decorations that signify “good fortune” or “happiness”, “wealth”, and “longevity”. As general guide, Chinese New Year crafts are all about the auspicious colour Red, the colour of wealth Gold and Dragons – plus the 12 animals of the Zodiac.  2012 is the year of the Dragon.. so let’s see what we have!












Chinese New Year Crafts for Kids - Dragon PuppetsDragon Puppet & Printable

Make your dragon craft super easy with this Chinese New Year Dragon puppet. We have created a simple print out for you to make the craft fun and easy!



Chinese New Year crafts for kids - year of the SnakeYear of the Snake Craft

2013 is the year of the SNAKE. So we have this super cute paper chain Snake Craft – make it in an auspicious Red or green.. or both! Your choice. Check out how my 3yrs old managed!



Chinese New Year Craft for Kids - Year of the SnakeYear of the Snake Craft 2

Or alternatively take the humble TP Roll (yes how we love TP Roll Crafts!) and make a snake craft out of that. Lots of fun and super frugal!




chinese new year craft dragonEgg Carton Dragon 

I featured this Dragon many moons ago, when I first started the round ups on Red Ted Art. I thought it was lovely then and think it is lovely now! So am sharing it with you again. Anything made from Egg Cartons is brilliant. Just a “to hand” house hold item. Add a little paint and look what you get. This one is from Activity Village. Love.


chinese new year craft puppetEgg Carton Dragon Puppet

Or… step it up a notch and make a Puppet out of your egg carton dragon as per Family Fun! Simply gorgeous. Step by step guide and photos will help you along the way!



red envelope-001Red Envelopes

The Chinese like to give money in red envelopes for prosperity and good luck. Have a go at making your OWN red envelops, beautifully decorated with this Chinese New Year craft.



chinese new year craft Chinese Fan

Nothing quite like a simple Chinese Fan! I thought the “materials needed” section make this sound terribly complicated.. I am sure you can make equally pretty fans with less “things”…. e.g. use a gold pen instead of stamps or cut out gold paper. The ideas is from Craft Kaboose.


chinese new year craft drumChinese Drum

Make your own drum to ward off the evil spirits – this one is made from an old CD (so you get a nice bit of noise) and beads. So easy and fun! From St Louise Public Library Parents (go the library!!).



chinese new year craft dragonCardboard Tube Dragon

Oh my. I am getting Cardboard Tube envy, as the self crowned Cardboard Tube Queen, I wish I had thought of this fabulous dragon puppet. I LOVE IT! Learning We Like came up with the idea. So cute!



chinese new year craft kiteGoldfish Kite

Lightly Enchanted sure enchanted me, when they made these adorable Goldfish out of my favourite Cardboard Tubes! I think they look ADORABLE and I can just imagine these fluttering in the breeze. They are fabulous.



chinese new year goldfish origamiGoldfish Origami

Start your children on their first origami animal with these adorable little cute goldfish. I always mean to try out more origami. These would look great as a mobile. And if you fancy some “fancy origami” paper and don’t have any, check out my free printables page with links to designs to print off at home! Crafty Crafted has a step by step guide!


chinese new year craft dragonDragon from Hands

And another craft that makes my mummy heart melt… look at this adorable dragon’s body is made up of the children’s handprints. How cute is that. Certainly a new one for the “hand craft drawer”. Baabaabeep and her wonderful children enchant us!


Simple Chinese Paper Lantern Craft for KidsLanterns

I remember making these as a child for “Carnival Day” (February). They are really easy to make and fun. And look great if you make lots to hang up together. These are super easy to make and great for practicing cutting skills. So make a Chinese Lantern today! You can either pop a tea light in glass in the middle or add a little handle to the top for hanging.


Chinese New Year - Lantern Fairy Lights via www.redtedart.comLantern Fair Lights

Or.. take the same humble lantern… and make them in smaller. Then attach to fairy lights. They look soooo lovely. Chinese Lantern Fairy Lights post. A super lovely twist on the traditional lantern craft.




Chinese New Year Crafts - Lanterns (1)TP Roll Lanterns

Or back to our favourite TP Roll Crafts – make lanterns out of those! Again, fun and frugal. Check out our TP Roll Lantern post for how to.




chinese new year craft lanternChinese Take Out Lantern

Ok.. not a “traditional” Chinese craft as such, but I just couldn’t resist  – don’t these lanterns made from “take out boxes” simply look fabulous? The idea is from Make Handmade. I love it!!



chinese new year craft fortune cookieMake Your Own Fortune Cookies

Did you know that Fortune Cookies are not really eaten in China?! They have more been “invented for the Wet”, never the less I think they make a fun addition to any Chinese New Year round up. From the AllRecipes website.. a recipe sharing fortune cookies with you. I have never made these before, but really do want to give them a go. Maybe there is time to make them for Red Ted’s nursery… mmmh. Yes, I think I will!


Have a VERY HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and do try out some crafts!


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  1. mummiafelice says:

    Ohh I will have a go at the fortune cookies with the kids, they look fab!

  2. Red Ted Art says:

    Me too!!! :-)

  3. Liz Burton says:

    I was looking at the fortune cookies too. They look great fun – if a little tricky! x

  4. Clara says:

    Great choices, such appetising fun stuff! And also do-able… just let me at those yummy colours…

  5. Jackie says:

    We love Chinese new year! I have a fun poem/song for Chinese New Year to post this week. We\’ll have to try out one of these crafts to go with it!

  6. Zoe says:

    We\’re doing chinese new year on Friday in storytime at school. Making a dragon with crepe paper, and colouring in chinese paper money to put in red envelopes. Have some lovely books to read of course too!

  7. Agy says:

    Love Chinese New Year. It\’s so close to Christmas and New Year this time round that it feels like one long feasting event!!

  8. Judy says:

    Oooh, I like how simple the drums are…we made spin drums for New Years and they were a bit more complicated.

    Thanks for sharing all the fun ideas :)

  9. awesome ideas shared. We didn\’t get to it this year but I am saving these for next year! :) Pinning this!

    Thanks for sharing on the Sunday Showcase – hope to see you this week.


  10. Lea says:

    Thanks for liking my son\’s cardboard tube dragon puppet :)

  11. Sara Katz says:

    Oh hey it’s coming up Year of the Horse! The sock-headed hobby horse comes to mind, and TP roll horses, and adapting that great paper dragon puppet to being a horse…any other ideas? Thanks!

  12. looney says:

    We made the goldfish kites and a chinese dragon as little boy learning about chinese new year in school soon he loved it where ganna make dragon puppets next as we enjoyed loads thank you

  13. Katie says:

    Is that the right link for the family fun Chinese dragon puppet? It took me to a Disney site, no sign of the dragon tutorial anywhere…

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Unfortunately it looks as if Family Fun has been closed and all links redirect to the Disney site! It is quite frustrating, as I have linked a number of their projects in the past! Sorry!!

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