Origami Animal Faces to Make with Kids


We love Origami for Kids here on Red Ted Art. For years, I was a little reluctant to embrace it, as I thought it was “too hard”. But no.. there are plenty of easy origami projects for kids, that help introduce those paper folding skills to kids of all ages and abilities.. ready to reap the Educational Benefits of Origami. Today, I am sharing our set of Easy Origami Animal Faces for kids.. as I have found that children really take to these. They are fun, as they are simple folds, that you can then combine with some doodling and arty features. Do incorporate Origami as part of any STEAM curriculum, as you explore shapes and symmetry!

animal origami faces
Origami animals are so cute and easy to make

Why make these Origami Animal Faces?

Firstly, they really are a great introduction to origami – often only needs 3-4 folds, that explore neat folding as well as symmtry. They introduce Educational Benefits of Origami quickly and easily. But I also like these origami animals, as they can be combined with other art projects or craft projects. For example – the Origami Tiger Face, could be added to a red greeting card and posted to a relative born in the Year of the Tiger? Or could be added to a creative Henri Roussea arty collage? Origami faces also make great wall displays in the classroom or tape them to a little string for some fun DIY Origami Bunting, whatever the season!

Our Top Animal Origami Faces for Kids

These are some of the most popular origami animal faces on the internet! Kids just love them. And I hope you and your kids do too!

Origami dog

My kids are PUPPY MAD right now. Not that we have a puppy, mind you, but a lot of our friends have! And we love visiting them and taking them out for walks. A few years ago, we were getting crafty as a Chinese Zodiac Craft and had a go at these easy origami dog faces. I love how you can so quickly and easily customise this origami project AND that you can use just white printer paper to make these!

Easy Bunny Origami

Another oldie but goldi is this easy Origami Bunny that kids LOVE to make. We made it with funky patterned paper, but of course you can do it any colour. We also have an example of how we used this as a Bunny Greeting Card here. A couple of cute puns and you are all sorted! Enjoy.

origami pig face

Oink Oink. Though this picture only shows to Pig Origami Faces, we actually made a whole family using the paper cut offs. The mini pigs were so cute (do hop over to the Pig Tutorial to see them). I love how cute and simple they. This piggies would be great as part of a 3 Little Pigs story telling session or “This little Piggy went to..” nursery rhyme!

cat origami

If you love the puppy faces, you will also love these Easy Cat Faces! Aren’t they cute? Give each one a different expression.. or scoll down and see how we turned them into tiger faces.

3 little black cats made from origami paper

Another Origami Cat Face (with simple body). Here is another variation on the cat face. I think this one is a little cuter, but certainly the “next level” up for your little origami friend. The body is super easy to make too! We made these as part of some super cute Halloween Paper Crafting!

finished origami tiger

We have mentioned this Origami Tiger Face before! As you MAY have noticed it is the same pattern as the origami cat! And the difference really is just in how you decorate the paper face. I love how easy it is to transform an origami pattern with a few strokes of a black pen. We made this guy for The Year of the Tiger – but of course they can be made all year around! Especially lovely when celebrating International Tiger Day! A simple pattern with great results!

origami bear faces

I first made this Origami Bear Face many moons ago, and then realised you can so easily turn it into a polar bear, panda bear or simply a brown bear origami! So easy and fun. If you look closely at the Panda Bear Origami you will see that it isn’t folded that neatly – ie. these patterns still look cute even if they aren’t perfect!

origami bear

At an origami paper hat (based on the childhood classic paper boat) and you have yourself Easy Paddington Bear Origami! Cute!!

origami penguin

Finally – for this section – we have the Easy Origami Penguin! Isn’t it cute? Though we have added some features and glued those on too. Love that these little penguins “stand up”, so they can easily be used as a greeting card too!

More origami faces – which need a little extra

I decided to include this additional origami animal section, because, the projects are SO CUTE and take you on the “next step” of origami. Or simply, because they are easy projects, but not JUST origami as they need a little gluing (e.g. the super duper cute Origami Reindeer Faces). Who says you can’t “cheat” when doing craft projetcs, right?

Origami can also be practical, like these easy Origami Envelopes or Origami Chick Envelopes need even less embellishments!

Cow envelopes

As with the previous Origami Envelopes.. these are a little bit of a “cheat” as strictly speaking this is indeed “just” an origami envelope.. no cow in site! But, as with the paper envelopes that go before, by adding a few simple features you can quickly transform what was plain, into a super fun Cow Envelope!

reindeer faces

How cute are these Reindeer Faces? Children have to only make 3 folds to make these reindeer. Exploring shapes (squares and triangles) and the concept of summerty (when shaping the face). But they do require a little embellishments to finish off. But aren’t they sweet? They are perfect for a Christmas Greeting Card made by preschoolers! Definitely add these to your to do list!

Easy paper black cat for halloween - fun 3d room decor design

Finally, we love making origami cups, as they are a simlpe pattern and can be transformed into these cute and easy Origami Cup Finger Puppets or…

Origami Owl Doodle

… doodle Owl Finger Puppets! One pattern, SOOOO many possiblities!

Finger Puppets made from paper

And last one for this section.. we had lots of fun with these Arty Origami Birds – more finger puppet fun!

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