Easy DIY Classroom Valentines Ideas For Kids of all Ages

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Finally, a collection of Classroom Valentines Ideas to make this February, the month of Love! This a collection of fun crafts to make with kids in a group setting. A fun way to get kids crafting and making cards or small gifts for classmates or family! A lovely way to show friendship and love!

Sweet Valentine's Day Crafts Kids can Make and GIVE! Cute & Easy Valentine's Ideas For Kids and in the Classroom - brand new Valentine's Day Ideas to try out with the kids at home or classroom! Valentine's Day Crafts #valentines #kids #gifts
Fun Classrom Valentines Activities

Every year I run a special “guest post” series here on Red Ted Art called 31 Days of Love! The idea is to share the love and introduce you to (to you) new and wonderful blogs from around the web. This means, that every year, I don’t just 3-4 new Valentine’s Day Crafts for you.. but around 31 new Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids – lots of fun activities to browse!! Many ideas to show appreciation of your mom and friends! It makes for qyite a number of ideas.. and though I update all my collections of Valentine’s Day Crafts (see a list of collections below).

I particularly look forward to this round up: Classroom Valentines Craft Ideas! A collection of eclectic crafts to do in the classrom, that you can easily sort through depending on materials and time to hand. The majorty of today’s crafts use every day materials (paper, paper plates, cardboard, scissors and glue), but there are a couple extra DIYs thrown in there in case you want to do something more adventurous!

Fun Classroom Valentines Ideas for 2022

Classroom Valentines Crafts made with paper

Personally, I love the Paper Valentine’s Day Crafts best for classroom Valentine’s activities – inexpensive and versatile. Teh kids get to learn to follow instructions, cut shapes and fold paper to turn the humble paper into a cute Valentine’s Classroom gift or activity! There is a separate Valentine’s Day Card making section below! This is more crafty first!

Cute & Easy Valentine's Ideas For Kids and in the Classroom - brand new Valentine's Day Ideas to try out with the kids at home or classroom! Valentine's Day Crafts

What a Hoot – Valentine’s Owl Corner Bookmarks – you can’t have a Valentine’s Collection with out a new Corner Bookmark by, well, me. We do love making bookmarks.. and I do think these little owls would make a fabulous classroom project.. don’t you? I love all the little heart shape features of the Valentines Owls. Too cute. More Valentine’s Day Bookmarks to browse here!

More fun with heart shapes.. to make these adorable and easy 3d Paper Penguins for Valentines are created by the new Red Ted Art contributor Vin from Young School Art – he is particularly active on Instragam and has a fun feed to check out.  Love that is crafts are “classroom tried and tested”.

Easy Painted Paper Flowers by Oh Creative Day. If you want an injection of happiness, visit Shannon’s instagram feed (well AND blog) for easy, fun and above all CHEERFUL creations.

Love creating things out of heart shapes?! Have a go at these oh so cute HEART Mermaid Valentines. So fun!

Check out this cutie! How fun is this piggy made from lots of different heart shapes? Find out how to make these Paper Heart Piggies here. Aren’t they cute!

classroom valentines - decorate with paper

Need to decorate a large space/ classroom? Want some lovely Valentines Day Garlands made from paper? Try this super fun Hugs & Kisses garland!

Make some large paper hearts to decorate the classroom with. So how about some Rainbow Paper Fun? With this great Rainbow Paper Heart Weaving activity?

More Paper Hearts Fun… with these paper heart snowfalkes. They double up as classroom decor OR as a cute alternative Valentines Day Card to give to classmates.

Check out our extensive list of paper heart crafts to help decorate your classroom!

Classroom Valentine’s Activities you can print

A close second in out collection of classroom activities for Valentine’s Day are PRINTABLE Valentine’s Day ideas. We know how busy teacher life gets, so a some hand printables always go a long way! This printable set of Valentine’s Day Ideas are a littl emore eclectic.. as we have a fabulous STEAM project (you light up my life!), as well as cute printables to go with some friendship bracelets.

Any child’s valentine needs a BFF. Let’s have fun with conversation hearts and these BFF Conversation Heart Buddies (with free printable) are by Barley & Birch – my daughter was all over them straight away and simply had to have a go. Amanda’s website is like a beautiful crafty instagram feed – but best of all – not JUST beautiful, but DO-able projects too!

black glue heart art

A lovely art project that kids will adore to make – very ZEN too! Make use of the free Heart Art Printable and then combine black glue and water colours for this pretty project and great activity especially for older students.

Another super fun PRINTABLE Valentine’s Day Craft are these LIGHT UP MY LIGHT Corner bookmarks – make them “as is” or turn this into a TRUE STEAM project for Valentines by adding your own Circuit to it!

Seriously this Pop Up Princess Cards are just TOO cute!!

A super way to express your love for family is with this Paper Plate Valentine’s Wheel

Valentine’s Climber: Love you to the moon and back! Oh my.. make your little ones climb all the way to the moon with this rather cute craft by Lotta Magazine. Makes for a great Steam Valentine’s Project too, don’t you think?!

classroom valentines printable cupid candy gifts

One free printable little cupid.. lots of way to “use” it – use this Cupid Printable as part of a Valentine’s Treat, as a bookmark, Valentine’s Card or classroom decoration! This printable is a fun way to give chocolate for sure!

classroom valentines make friendship bracelets

Or how about some Valentine’s Day Friendship Bracelets with cute gift cards?!

minecraft printable

Making Lemonde has a cute and free Minecraft Printable Bookmark. So fun! Love the “I think you’re Dynamite” and “Pick Me Valentine” puns!

Valentine’s Day Crafts using upcycled materials

Another firm favourite for the classroom are upcycled Valentine’s Day crafts. No longer trash, but craft materials, the kiddos love to work with recyclables. Especially cardboard and egg cartons. Lots of crafty fun to be had!

You can never go wrong with an adorable Egg Carton Flower Bouquet whatever time of year it is!! This is a sweet craft by regular contributor Raising Kinsley. Another blogger come instagram with a feed bursting with colour!

We love a Recycled Love Bug! Nothing quite like turning the “old” into something gorgeously new! Making with Mommy has done just that with these fun and creative love bugs. Not only has she made these fantastic love bugs.. but has a whole collection of recycled cardboard creatures. From Amazing Owls to Scaled Fish!

toilet paper roll love birds

Toilet Paper Roll Valentines really are the best. Kindergarteners and younger kids in the classroom will adore these super fun Toilet Paper Roll Love bugs! What is not to love?

Similarly we have a choice of two Valentine’s Owls you can make from Paper Rolls – either these super cute Yarn Wrapped Owl Gift Boxes, or these heart shaped Valentine’s Owls. What a hoot! We particularly love the fact that you can use this Valentines Toilet Paper roll craft as a gift box for candy or a small treat or gift. A great kid’s valentines DIY.

We do love The Craft Train – so many great ideas – especially lots of fun with Toilet Paper Rolls like these great Paper Roll Love Birds! Fab. These come witha printable template too.

Use old foil trays (nicely cleaned!) to make these gorgeous Foil Art Heart Mobiles! You can add colour to these mobiles with sharpies as well!

Paper Plate Valentine’s Day Ideas for kids to make

Paper Plate Valentines Crafts are always popular – as paper plates are so inexpensive and surprisingly fun to work with. They are also biodegradable, which is always a bonus!

And another great “to the moon and back” by regular contributor Creating Creatives. Love how much joy and energy eminates from these Paper Moons. Just lovely.

Easy Heart Sewing Craft for Preschool

Wonderful Paper Plate Sewing for kids

A wonderful paper plate heart sewing craft – a great introduction to sewing and getting those fine motor skills going, with lovely results!

Again we share this super fun Paper Plate Valentine’s Wheel! So cute!

Easy Paper Plate Valentine’s Unicorns

paper plate love birds

Similarly, wouldn’t it be cute to decorate your classroom with these Paper Plate Love Birds by Arty Crafty Kids?

Top Valentine’s Cards for the friends and classmates

We really do have an EXTENSIVE list of Valentine’s Day Cards that kids can make! Here are three of our favourites for the classroom – they all come with optional worksheets to help you a little along the way.

pop up valentines bear card
I love you Beary Much

One of our many Valentine’s Day Pop Up cards to make with kids – we adore this easy W Pop Up mechanism. Such a cute Bear Pop Up Card for Valentine’s. (Printable templates available, but not necessary!).

Origami Whale Card: I whaley whaley whaley Like you

Get the kids to try their hand at origami.. and turn that into a Valentine’s Day Card too. Here we have “I love you Whaley Much”. Again, you can make this Origami Valentine’s Day Card in class, with the handy video and step photos OR grab the printable worksheets.

Pop Up Heart Cards – another super clever technique to make pop up cards.. that the kids will LOVE and will be capable of making. And again.. you can either follow the simple instructions or download the classroom worksheets and templates.

Other Valentine’s Day Projects and ideas

Friendship Rocks

How cute are these friendship rocks? The kids of all ages will LOVE to make these and they are so fun to gift as well. Nice and easy and oh so cute!

easy mail box

Make a Valentine’s Day Mailbox to hang on the back of your chair at school – or a classroom mailbox, to later share the cards from. Love the marble painting technique use to make this one! Perfect when getting ready for a classroom valentine’s party.

Super cute and easy Rocket Wall Hangings – want something a little different? How about these lovely wall hangings (they would actually make great Valetine Cards for Kids too) by The Art Garden Blog – where crafts meet art!! Process crafting at it’s best!

Easy Pom Pom Hearts to Wear by the oh so stylish La Maison de Lou Lou! Here you will find simple, stylish designs bursting with colour.

Teach kids to sew with these gorgeous Felt Hearts – they would make great Back Pack Charms too! Sewing is a great skill to have and if you are working in the school textile department, this heart sewing project is quick and easy and looks so very sweet!

classroom valentines learn to needle felt

Similarly, more textile fun, can be had with Needle Felting with these Needle Felted Heart Decorations. A wonderful way to explore new mediums and develop new skills at school. Make it Your Own is another one of those blogs that always has something super fun and original AND theri kids often feature in their fantastic how to videos. So cute!

Three fun Paper Straw Crafts for Valentines

This innovative Microwavable Salt Dough and LOVE necklace is by the oh so clever Rainy Day Mum – a fantastic site packed full of activities and educational resourves.

My kids LOVE Gumball Machines.. the promise of all those colourful sweets. Why not give them a mini DIY Gumball Machine this Valentine’s? Created by the talented Brainy Beginnings Network, which is back full of quirky and original ideas!

Magical Clay Unicorn Ornaments by the equally magical The Art Dream. Where design meets crafts.. but in a truly accesible and easy to follow way. Love all of John’s work!

Heart Sponge Cakes – process art and sensory fun for little ones!

Another adorable Valentine’s Day Activity for Preschoolers is this “The Kiss Book” Craft & Story time. So sweet and a great way to “carry” mums love around with you wherever you go!

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Sweet Valentine's Day Crafts Kids can Make and GIVE! Cute & Easy Valentine's Ideas For Kids and in the Classroom - brand new Valentine's Day Ideas to try out with the kids at home or classroom! Valentine's Day Crafts #valentines #kids #gifts