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20 Classic Summer Crafts

| May 18, 2013 | 17 Comments

20 Classic Summer Crafts

We do love the Seasons and we love how the crafts vary through the seasons too – Summer Crafts to me are all about lazy afternoons with plenty of time to finish your work, outdoor games and garden crafts and playing with water. It is about hanging out with friends, making your own lemonade and feeling the grass between your toes.


I have picked out some of our favourite Classic Summer Crafts from around the web (and Red Ted Art) – either they already are Classic Childhood Crafts for the Summer… or they soon will be!

Hope you enjoy them and fancy having a go






July 2011 022Ring Toss

Any thing upcycled and thrifty is right up my street. I love how Two Shades of Pink, make this upcycled Ring Toss game look so gorgeously vintage and fun. Make one for the garden or the Summer Fair – make this your classic summer craft and game to enjoy year on year!



Garden Tic Tac Toe ResizedGarden Tic Tac Toe

A “new kid on the block” – well a new kid to me – over recent weeks, I have been getting to know the delights that Thrive 360 Living has on offer. Lots of gorgeous crafts, but I do like this Garden Tic Tac Toe for the Summer holidays. My kids LOVE collecting stones and this is so pretty! If you can’t find a large tile to play on, just draw your grid with chalk on the ground!



Simple Bug HotelBug Hotel

Another craft that has been on my to do list or literally forever is this simple bug hotel! There are so many different variations of this around, but I think that this is one is very easy to make with all age groups. Love that it is made from all those natural materials and provides lots space for creepy crawlies.




Summer wouldn’t be the same without a Pinwheel. They come in ALL shapes and sizes… we decided to use some sharpie pens and clear plastic foil. But make them from anything – newspapers to origami!



crafts for himKite Making

Whilst on the subject of wind… make kites with these kids. We have two gorgeous Kite Guest posts here on Red Ted Art, both will take time and care to complete, but hey all look GORGEOUS. We have the Owl Kite from Creative Creatures and Butterfly Kites from The Journals of Giddy Giddy.




DIY Sidewalk chalk how toSide Walk Chalk

Drawing with Side Walk Chalk is BIG BIG BIG in our house and we so have to have a go at MAKING our own side walk chalk, something we haven’t yet had a go at. I know the kids will adore it. Chck out how me jumbo chalks using TP Rolls or ice cube trays for shaped sidewalk chalk gifts.



freindship-bracelets-beautyFriendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets take me back to my teen years and Summer camps. I remember making these for hours. To me this is one of THE classic crafts that I hope my kids will learn to make one day! Purlbee shares their instructions.



imgresSponge Ball Craft

How about some fun with water. Made for those hot hot hot summer days, this is a great way to cool down. Sponge Balls have taken the internet by storm and no (hot) summer childhood should be without one. Just remember to go and hide when the kids are armed with these! Thanks to One Charming Party for the how to. 



paper boatsPaper Boats

I have said it before and I will say it again – do not underestimate the humble paper boat. Learn once how to make them and make them anytime anywhere… from colourful paper or from a magazine page or newspaper. These are quite little entertainers to whip up in no time. The same of course goes for paper planes!



walnut boats (1)Walnut Boats

You probably also know that I am a huge fan of Walnut Boats. I just think the are so cute and again they are quickly and easily made. Use colourful tape for the masts and then should they get wet, you just pop the boat up again and let it sail (paper will get soggy and you will need to let it dry).



imgresStick Rafts

And who can resist a stick raft? Especially when it is a beautiful as this one from Mini Eco? Love the idea of using bright contrasting string to tie your raft together. So pretty.




waterwall6Water Wall

Or why not delight your kids with a water wall. This is crafty, fun AND sciency all in one and you can have hours of fun with it. Playing by The Book made this great one a couple of years ago, do check it out, I know that one day we will have to make one for sure!



Flower vases a3Flower Pressing

Again one of those “classic activities” for kids – pressing flowers and leaves. We love to experminet and see what works well and what doesn’t. You do not need fancy equipment a heavy book and paper will do (or a notepad pushed under a heavy suitcase if you are on holiday). We have shared our top flower pressing tips plus a couple of craft ideas. They make great memories of your holidays. Just be sure to pick flowers “responsibly” and ask!


seaShell Frames

Many of use spend part of their Summer holidays a least a little bit by the sea side and collecting shells is a big childhood favourite. Chiffon Souffle makes some gorgeous Seashell Frames. They make great gifts from kids to family too.

shell necklaceShell Necklace

I LOVE these necklaces, they are soooo pretty and with using melon seeds and shells simple “smack” of Summer Sun! Growing Up Creative shares their craft. I so want to make one.




homemade-bubble-wands-201x300Bubble Wands

I have no idea how well these work, but I ADORE these Bubble Wands, and book marked them a long time ago to “have a go” with the kids. Maybe this Summer we FINALLY will, who knows. But all kids LOVE bubbles, so why not make some pretty wands yourself (they would make a great Summer Party “activity” and take home gift. The photo is by Lady Lucente on Flickr.



Perfect Bubble RecipBubble Recipe

Armed with Bubble Wands… you will now need your very own Bubble Recipe. Here is the one we like to use and we have great fun with it all summer long!




lavender wandsLavender Wands

Summer is the time to “harvest” any lavender you have growing in the garden. We LOVE making Lavender wands with the older kids or stitching simple Lavender bags with the younger ones. They smell beautiful and make great gifts too. My daughter also uses hers as a “fairy wand”.



making flags with childrenSunshine Flags (or Messy Art!!)

How about making some splat art – sunny warm days, are a great opportunity to go outside and get messy. Do splat art or spray art or GIANT art. Whatever you choose. Here we made “Sunshine Flags“…




child's photo diaryPhoto Journaling

For the modern child, this SOON will be a childhood classic – photo journaling. A great way to get into photography, learn about your environment, do a little writing and record your holidays. My son LOVED this project when he was three and am sure would love to do it again this Summer. This is how we approached our Photo Journaling



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  1. Denise says:

    Great post. Thanks so much for compiling these.

  2. Margaret Cole says:

    Your photo journaling link doesn’t work. I’m interested in having a look.


  3. These are such great crafts. I love the bubble wands and stick rafts!

  4. These are wonderful. I am going to pin this post.

  5. These look fab, thank you for putting them all together. I love the owl kites, will have to try and organise the littlies into making some.

  6. Samantha says:

    Fantastic ideas! Love photo journaling.

  7. lydia larae says:

    These are great ideas. I like that some of them can be made so simply (or more elaborately as shown). :)

    I blog at handmade life (http://lydiashandmadelife.blogspot.com) and I can’t wait to try these out and blog about them in the coming months.

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