Easy Autumn Paper Crafts for Kids

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Welcome to our collection of Autumn Paper Crafts for Kids – autumn or fall crafts are super fun to make and comprise a number of themes – leaf crafts and woodland animals are particularly popular crafts this time of year (see more below). They are great for the months of September, October and November (if living in the Northern Hemisphere). Though we have shared many autumn crafts before, I thought it would be good to have all the paper craft resources in one place. After all – paper is so accessible and there is lots you can make!

Autumn Paper Crafts with Fall Printables

My autumn crafts fallsinto two categories really –

  • Autumn printable crafts for kids or crafts that use templates
  • Autumn paper crafts for kids – regular paper crafts!

Popular autumn craft themes include:

The links in this section lead to extensive craft resource ideas by theme. If you keep scrolling down, you will see ONLY the paper craft versions of these!

Please note: I have made a point of NOT including Halloween Crafts -though Halloween is of course in fall / autumn, I think they deserve their own categories! And we have plenty of Halloween Printables for you to explore!

Autumn Printable Crafts for Kids

what will your llama dress up doll wear

COMING SOON – JUNE 21st: This is one our latest free printable colouring pages/ paper crafts – the brilliantly adorable Dress Up Doll Llama!! It combines our love of dress up dolls, with colouring pages, with autumn and of course LLAMAS!!! Yes, llamas are not your traditional autumn animal.. but oh my.. this is simply the cutest!

Four seasons cut & paste craft

Similarly we have a fantastic four seasons cut & paste doll activity for you to try out! This is currently a freebie, so I would grab the paper doll printables ASAP!

paper bookmark gnomes

We love love love making gnomes all year around. So why not include these fun Gnome Bookmarks in your fall craft collection. These come with a worksheets and printables. Perfect for the classroom. Though my video tutorial shows you how to create your own basic shapes to have a go with!

Pop up gnome cards for Autumn

This is a versatile gnome craft.. and you can use the same shapes to make a fantastic little fall pop up card. Perfect for anyone who has a fall birthday or maybe who is moving house during fall? Again, with printable worksheets and templates for you to use if you wish!

We had some fun experimenting with black glue art and water colours and made these lovely printable fall leaves bookmarks. I especially love the little acorns attached!

A long time favourite – we adore making these dancing scarecrow puppets. Not only are they are fun paper craft and colouring page, but they also make for a great STEAM project, as kids learn how to turn this puppet into an articulated paper puppet with a simple string mechanism. So clever, so fun and kids will love this little guy. Available as a free full colour printable or colouring page.

Fall Colouring Pages

Of course we also have some more traditional fall colouring pages, if you are looking for some cute printables for some zen time/ quiet time. Choose form the following:

A set of forest friends! This reindeer, fox and rabbit are simply adorable.

squirrel coloring page

Two beautiful free squirrel coloring pages.

…or some simpler coloring pages (they come in sets) – choose from the harvest festival set or the again the forest animal sets!

Autumn Paper Crafts for Kids

Paper Leaf Crafts

paper plate tree twirler

Autumn Twirler – a wonderful paper plate craft for fall. We have always loved making these whirligigs. They are so easy and so fun. If you don’t have paper plates, then some recycled light cardboard (e.g. a cereal box) would work well too. You could even go out and use some real leaves!

Easy Newspaper Leaf Garland – great for decorating the classroom or a mantle piece! This is a fun way to recycle newspapers and make a pretty craft. You get to explore watercolours and different leaf shapes. We used “real leaves” to trace, but you can of course make your own simple leaf templates if you don’t have time to go out and about and find some first!

hand holding some paper leaves in yellow and green

Learn how to make these stunning paper leaves. These would be lovely combined with other crafts, such as a card making, fall wreaths or even used as part of napkin ring decorations.

Paper Owl Crafts

Origami Owl Doodle

I call these our doodle owls! Make some simple origami owls! And have lots of fun decorating these. They can be used as decorations or as fun owl finger puppets.

How about a clever use of post it notes and brown paper bags? They can be turned into a fabulous paper Owl Pinata very quickly! Less messy than a papier mache one!

Pop up halloween owl card

Owls are perfect for the simple pop up beak mechanism.. they make great Owl Cards all year round. I have a simple printable version of this here too.

Finished DIY Tin Can Owl

A little bit of a cheat, as you also need clean tin cans for this craft.. but I love sharing it, as I find it “amazing” how paper can transform something like the humble tin can so quickly and easily.. so come and make these Tin Can Owls with me today!

Paper Hedgehog Crafts

Hedgehog Crafts are of course a wonderful “must” for any fall collection of crafts.. and we have some paper hedgehog crafts to share too (one is in the bookmark section further down.. and the coloring pages also include a hedgehog). In addition we have these two wonderful paper hedgehogs:

Cardboard Hedgehog

Arty and Colorful Hedgehog Craft!

Paper Hedgehog Craft

A paper hedgehog in more traditional colours.

Fall Sun Catchers

Suncatchers are a lovely craft all year round. And of course have some fall suncatchers too:

For early autumn I thought making some Apple Suncatcher (with free template) would be perfect.. especially as we head into harvest season.

For late autumn, in November, you may want to give the Poppy Suncatcher (with free template) a go!

Autumn Bookmark Corners – Classic Paper Craft

We are a big fan of corner bookmark designs here on Red Ted Art and literally have well over a 100 to choose from. Which means, we of course have some lovely bookmark corners for fall and autumn too. These are GREAT as classroom activities and to fill some lesson plan time.. as they have educational benefits:

  • Basic maths skills when folding origami
  • Encourages reading skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Following and reading instructions
  • Of course: creative
  • And finally, these are great for school fundraisers

The Hug A Book Bookmarks also include a fox printable bookmark!

And finally, we have this lovely Scarecrow Bookmark to add to the collection too!


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