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15 Homemade Ornaments for Christmas

| October 3, 2013 | 8 Comments

We Heart Homemade Ornaments!

MORE homemade ornaments for all the family to make. We love homemade decorations - they are so fun to make and make great little gifts for kids to give at Christmas.

You may have noticed that we go Homemade Ornament crazy around from now until December. I am not sure what is about Autumn but all the nature crafts and walnut crafts lend themselves perfectly for Ornament making, which make dear little gifts in the run to Christmas. We have already shared 15 Homemade Ornaments.. and now we have ANOTHER 11 to go… and all of these the kids helped me make!

So.. .without further ado:

Our Homemade Ornaments

Walnut Owls Craft idea Gifts kids can make - keyring Puzzle Craft Ideas - Snowflake Ornament

1. Dear Walnut Owls (Granny got some for her Birthday)

2. Felt Hearts (also usable as key rings!)

3. Snowflake Ornament (use up those old puzzles)

Simple Christmas Crafts for preschoolers Recycled Christmas Ornament Ideas Santa ornaments

4. Super simple Bead Wreaths (great for keeping young hands busy whilst you do other things)

5. Keepsake Ornaments (aka recycled cardigans)

6. Cork Santas (we also played some Santa bowling)

Santa Stick Man Button Snowflake Craft from Red Ted Art Pom Pom Pinecone Trees

7. Stick Santa (you know how we love Sticks!!)

8. Button Snowflakes (who can resist a button)

9. Pom Pom Pine Cones Trees (fabulously  tactile for small hands)

Nature Crafts Acorn Angel Salt dough crafts for kids Paper Baubles

10. Nature Crafts Angel (made purely from things found in nature)

11. Saltdough Hearts (such a classic!)

12. Papier Mache Baubles (yes, a bit random, but wanted to see if it would work!)

corks (2)  easy-white-clay-hearts-building-blocks-and-acorns 0-ice-decorations

13. Cork Mushrooms (we love our little corks and play with them too)

14. White Clay Hearts (though make them any shape!)

15.  Ice Ornaments (why not decorate the great outdoors too?)

Example of how we like to give our Homemade Ornaments in the RUN up to Christmas including some yummy recipes:



(we also like to put them in Granny’s and Auntie’s Christmas stockings).

And here are our previous Homemade Ornament Ideas:

handmade christmas tree ornaments

Right. That should keep you busy  making homemade ornaments all Autumn!!!

Here is another super CUTE “mini Shadow Box Ornament” Idea. LOVE THIS!


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  1. Ruby Exum says:

    I love all these cute ornaments. Maybe I can actually made some of these with my nine year old son. He loves outdoor things! Thank you.

  2. Marie Mahoney says:

    What great ideas you have. I teach preschool in Phoenix, Arizona USA. I make alot of recycle art with little ones. We just finished a “turkey” mural with recycled materials. I collect applesauce crusher tops from children’s lunches. They are in lots of colors, so they make great art. I am sharing your website with other teachers too. Thanks for sharing so much.

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