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20 Card Making Ideas for Kids

| May 11, 2012 | 9 Comments

The kids and I love Card Making. As I have a rather pragmatic streak, I find that making cards for relatives and friends is a great way to have a creative session with the children AND to have a good “use” for the resulting craft. We do keep a lot of artwork, but we can’t keep everything. So this is a great way to make someone smile, as well as getting crafty! We usually have to make at least one extra card to keep for us!  And Red Ted usually insists on posting it to himself too! Luckily he gets a lot of “regular” mail from Granny too!

So.. the benefits of having a card making session:

  • a chance to get crafty,
  • a chance to practice our writing,
  • a trip to the postbox (you can talk about the value of stamps too) AND
  • we make someone happy

Such a great activity, especially during the long holidays, when the kids miss their friends!

20 Card Making Ideas for kids - a great way to get crafty and spread a little creative joy among family and friends. Make these lovely cards with the kids and then get some Writing Practice in too

Here is an eclectic mix of card making ideas for you!

You will find, that as the list progresses you will see that the cards get simpler and simpler.  The list is in “reverse chronological order”. We first started card making when Red Ted was little over 2yrs old – i.e. card Nr 20 is one of the first cards that Red Ted and I made.

You can make your cards easier or simple adampting to your child’s age.

I think our favourites have been the Sunflower Cards, the Potato Print City Scape and the Robot cards! But why not see for yourself?

Which is your favourite?


kids card making fingerprint cards upcycled cards

1. Flower Cards

2. Fingerprint Chicks

3. Valentines/ Mother’s Day Card

christmas cards christmas cards Christmas Cards

4. Christmas Cards

5. Recycled Magazine Cards

6. Decoration & Card in One

fingerprint cards potato printing card making for kids

7. Sunflower Fingerprint Cards

8.  Potato Print Cards

9. Sand Art Cards

card making card making Valentines Cards

10. Robot Cards

11. Ink Stamp Printing

12. Valentines Cards

card making card making Santa Stars

13. Thank You Cards (from Wrapping Paper)

14. Gingerbread house

15. Santa Stars

Card making monster cards card making

16. Pirate Cards

17. Monster Cards

18. Easy Teddy Card

card making pop up card 

19. Kids Art

20. Pop Up Card

21. Super Simple Cookie Cutter Cards

and finally… How To Make a Simple Paper Envelope (no gluing or cutting!)

Have fun.

Make someone smile.

Send your Homemade Greeting Card!!

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  1. So many super cute ideas all in one place!

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Thank you! Yes, we have been making these over two years now and thought it would be nice to pull them together!

  2. Vanessa says:

    I love the gingerbread houses. I think they’re my favourite. Convincingly made by kiddies yet with a pro finish thanks to the tidiness of stickers. Can’t wait to make some (hopefully this Christmas)

  3. Angelina says:

    You gave me some wonderful ideas and i loved in. I was in terested in the gingerbread houses.

  4. Jhony says:

    Really interesting and these are easy to make for kids too. Thanks

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