Easy Pop Up Card How To Projects for Kids

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Well. I don’t know why I haven’t gotten around to sharing all of these lovely Pop Up Card How To Projects before.. afterall, I have a whole section dedicated to Card Making Ideas for Kids – though these tend to generally be YOUNGER kids. Handmade pop up cards are great for elementary school age kids, tweens and teens! A fun way to introduce simple engineering by understanding how different pop up mechanisms work. Easy STEAM projects to complete in some spare lesson plan time.

Easy Pop Up Card How To Projects. Do you (or your kids! Teehee!) LOVE making cards? Add an extra dynamic to your homemade cards and turn them into POP UP cards.. oh what a little extra paper can do to transform your Card Making DIYs.... These are simple and easy cards for kids to make and you to enjoy! Love.

And of course we do have a *thing* about PAPER CRAFTS. Paper is so wonderfully versatile and there are so many great things you can make with just paper (and a little cardstock).

So.. if you need a card to go with a gift… why not make it extra special and make your recipient smile! Whether you are making birthday cards, or send congratulations wishes.. make it handmade. Christmas, Thanksgiving? Every season is covered!

Today’s DIY Pop Up Cards are for your  7yrs+ age group – well depending on how much parental or teacher involvement there. Some of cards also come with simple templates to help you along the way.

We ADORE Pop Up Cards and love coming up with new pop up card designs and “mechanisms”! I would like to think that we have a card for almost every occassion and will certainly be adding more Pop Up Card Ideas for you over time.

If you are wondering how to make a pop up card – there are actually a number of different “mechanisms” you can use to make your card pop.. and we will share a few different ways for how to make a pop up card today. A number of the cards shown below also have pop up card templates (not all, I am sorry!!), I have indicated which do and which don’t! Hopefully you will find both pop up cards with templates and without templates inspiring.

How do you make a good pop-up card?

There are lots of great pop up card making techniques. We have made a number of the years and know which are the easiest and which are the most fun! It is all about picking the right project to suit you! Each technique has a different pop up effect and has different pros and cons!

How do you make a pop-up card for kids?

We have three pop up card making techniques that we particularly love. But the most surprising or effective are often a little trickier. If you are working to make pop up cards with kids, I would stick with the 3 easy techniques to begin.. they include:

  • the W method – I like to think we invented these .. they are so versatile and fun and of course EASY!
  • paper chain pop up cards
  • stand up pop up cards (sorry, I don’t know how to describe these ones! But they are great for adding drawings or photos)
  • bauble pop ups – I know I said three types.. but then I remembered these!! Again, I think we were the first to widely use this technique.. again.. easy and fun!

How do I create a pop-up?

By making ANY of our cards shared here today! Woohoo.

How do you make a pull out card?

Personally, I find pull out cards really fiddly and they take AGES to make. So I would leave those be and make my pop ups instead!! Yay!

How do you make a pop up book step by step?

This is a great question! The easiest way to make a pop up book, is to simply make a series of cards and glue them all together! Yes, it really is that easy. And the fun thing about that, is that you can use a variety of pop up methods to make the book really fun!

Can I use construction paper to make pop up cards?

My short answer is: that depends. Basically on how complicated you pop up card is and whether it requires lots of folds. I would use the thinner smoother printer paper for something like a pop up accordion fold Christmas tree. Similarly, I would use stiffer card for something like the stand up pop up card. Constructin paper would probably best for a paper chain pop up card or a W Method card!

What materials do I need to make a pop up card?

Personally, I like to combine my use of card and paper. Card is best for the outside of your card and paper for the actual pop up. So in general, I like to use:

  • A5 card folded in half
  • Paper in desired colours
  • Pens (if needed for details)
  • A pair of scissors
  • A good quality glue stick

I avoid PVA glue as it takes longer to dry and can wrinkle the paper.

Our Pop-Up Card Techniques and Projects:

From 2D Image to 3D Pop Up Card

The first set of Pop Up cards I am sharing with you, take a “2 D image” and with a fold, turn into into a clever 3D Pop Up Card. How to make pop up cards step by step are included in each individual post. So find the pop up card you like best, click through for step by step card making instructions!

Easy Pop Up Card How To Valentines

A popular design is this how to make pop up cards heart! It is so simple and easy and yet so effective!

Similarly we have a fabulous Heart Pop Up Printable, perfect for Mother’s Day, Birthdays and THANK YOUs. These would also make cute wedding cards, don’t you think?

Father’s Day POP UP Card – 2 free designs to choose from

Similarly we have this fantastic Coloring Page Pop Up Trophy Card

A wonderful Day of the Dead Pop Up Card – great for mindfulness time and for a Day of the Dead Alter. Comes with one free printable!

Easy Pop Up Card How To - Emojis & Get Well Soon

Next up in our pop up card tutorials are these fantastic Pop Up Emoji Cards! In this case we focussed on “get well soon” cards, but you can pick any of your favourite emojis – be it a Valentine’s Day Emoji or a simply a BBF Emoji and turn it into this easy pop up card shown here.

And a similar process.. we made a Panda Pop Up card for my daughter’s 9th Birthday! Quick and easy.

Easy 3D Pop Up Card How To Halloween

These ADORABLE Halloween Pop Up Cards have a set of handy Halloween Joke Printables – to add that finishing touch to your card.

Easy 3d Pop Up Card How To Easter Coloring

And here I show you, how easy it is turn some favourite Easter Coloring Sheets into wonderfully personal Easter Pop Up Card Designs!

Stand Up Pop Up Card Ideas

Once you get your head around how a “stand up card” pops up, you will can make pretty much ANY design you want. They are probably one of the easiest pop up cards to make and you can combine kids’ drawings with online printables to make these.

how to make a pop up card for Christmas

First up in the “stand up 3d card” category are this adorable Snowman and Tree 3D Card design. They make perfect Christmas cards, but can also be used in the New Year as “Thank You” cards.

Merry Christmas Card with Ted

Printable Ted Merry Christmas Card – as super fun and simple card to make and give. Choose from the coloring pages version or the full colour one that just needs cutting and sticking! LOVE!

3D Flower Card for Mother's Day - super easy to make

Similarly this easy flower pop up card is great as a Thank You note (to anyone, but especially teachers) but also works fabulously as a DIY Mother Day Card Pop Up.

Or how about some lovely POP UP Daffodil Cards for Mother’s Day or Teacher appreciation day?

We also adore this super cute POP UP Dress Card! Just darling!

Best Father's Day Card - make a 3d Pop Up Card "Yoda best dad"

If you are looking for designs with pop up cards templates, this Yoda Best Dad card is one of them!

Cute 3D Birthday Card - learn how to make easy pop up cards

… as is this super cute dog and bone Happy Birthday card, complete with Pop Up Printable. This shows that ANY design, drawing or photo can be used to make a pop up card. You could even feature your own pets. So cute! We love all Handmade Cards!

Pop Up “Bauble” Cards

3d Easter Card Making Ideas

This was super quick and last minute make we did last Easter. Aren’t these “bauble” chick Pop Up Cards simply ADORABLE?! Love.

Similarly we had fun with Paper Baubles for these lovely 3D Unicorn Pop Up Cards! Includes templates, but also teaches you to make your own from scratch.

Easy Pop Up Bear Heart Card for Kids to make on Valentines, printable worksheets available!

Easy Pop Up Bear and Pop Up Cat Card – you are Purrrrfect!

pop up easter eggs 3 ways

The bauble card is also perfect for 3d Easter Egg Cards! We have three version sfor you to explore – Easter Egg & Bunny, The Easter Chick and the “plain” Easter Egg Card!

Reindeer pop up

If you love this style, you will also like our printable Reindeer Pop Up Cards!

3d Paper Bee Card

This is another “two for one” Pop Up Card idea. We have some sweet Ladybug Pop Up Cards, as well as some Buzzy Bee Pop Up Cards. So cute! (and easy!!)

jack o lantern card
The perfect Thanksgiving Card

Another cute pop up card that doubles up as either a simple Pop Up Halloween Card, or as a Thanksgiving Card! Make this fabulous 3d Pumpkin Card. Easy and fun.

Faces Pop Up Cards

The Pop-Up Greeting Cards mechanisms continues with our “pop up faces” technique. Or W technique. This can be used with almost any drawing or design!

Front of rudolph card

Learn how to make this adorable Rudolph Pop Up card – I particularly love the little button baubles as embellishments. What a cute detail. The pop up reindeer is made up of basic shapes, making this an easy craft to have a go at!

Pop Up Snowman Cards

Even easier is this Pop Up Snowman Card. In theory you can make this card using JUST WHITE paper! So a great one for limited resources. You could also add a little eco friendly glitter to this card too.

add details to celebrate the occassion

Make these Beary Adorable Pop Up Bears for Valentine’s Day or Birthdays (or in white as a Winter Bear card too!). I love how easy it is to make this one simple bear card and adapt it for different seasons – hearts for Mom or Valentine’s, Balloons for Birthday Parties or other celebrations! Snowflakes for Winter or Christmas. Easy!

easter pop up bunny card
Such a happy floppy eared bunny card!

Large pop up bunny card! Yep! This technique also works for Easter! And here we have our floppy eared bunny card. In fact, we love this rabbit so much, that we switched out the colors and decorations and also made a Year of the Rabbit card tutorial too!

Pop up car crafts

Similarly my daughter made this Pop Up Car Card for a friend. So cute!

Concertina Pop Up Cards

A different technique – I call this an accordian paper card or a Paper fan greeting card and we have these gorgeous 3D Christmas Tree Cards! Such a beautiful card to make.

Pop Up Rainbow cards

Similarly you can turn a paper accordion or concertina into a fabulous pop up Paper Rainbow Card too!

Paper Chain Pop Up Card Ideas

butterfly pop up card

Love butterflies? Love this technique of making 3d Butterfly Pop Up Cards.. once you have the knack.. your imagination is the limit to more fabulous pop up card designs!

Kids will love the simple technique behind these Heart Pop Up Cards. Super fun to make.. and they will be creating their own designs in no time!!

Valentine's Day Cards Boys

More PURRRFECT fun with these adorable Tiger Pop Up Cards! They come in two designs – Valentine’s Day and “any occassion”.

friendship cards for kids

Pop Up Friendship Cards

Finished pop up throphy card with rosette (easy)

Similaryl, learn how to make a Pop Up Trophy Card for Dad!

Easy Gingerbread Men Pop Up card made from paper chains for 3d Christmas card fun

Adorable Gingerbread Pop Up Cards.

Easy Paper Chain Pop Up SNowman Cards - cute kawaii snowmen Christmas cards

Or how about some super cute Pop Up Snowmen? These can be made using white printer paper!

Super fun Gnome Cards for Christmas, how make a paper chain gnome pop up card

We are rather in love with these GNOME Pop Up Cards too. Love the snowy landscape in the background.

3d Christmas Tree Cards made from paper chains, easy Christmas tree pop up cards

Super cute and Easy Christmas Tree Pop UP Card.

fun pop up bunny
Peeps Bunnies are simply the cutest!

Iconic Peeps Bunnies Pop Up Easter Cards

decorate the inside of the card

And yes.. this pop up card technique keeps on giving, with this lovely Halloween Pop Up Card! So much fun and so much opportunity for design and creativity!

Finally – “Other” How To Make Pop Up Card Instructions

Owl cards

How to make a pop up beak Owl Card – a super cute Pop Up Card for all occassions – customise this handmade card for Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas and beyond.. what a hoot!

Pop Up Owl Card Coloring Page

This card is also available as a convenient Pop Up Owl Card Coloring Page!

Valentines Penguin Card

Similarly, we have some adorable Pop Up Penguin Cards – these work nicely for both Christmas and Valentine’s Day! And of course any Winter Birthday Cards too!

3d Pop Up Cards - easy cat card with templates

These little Kitties are simply Purrrrrfect. They jump out and a ready to play. For this 3D Cat Card DIY, we have included a full Pop Up Card Template + Cat Puns to customise these cat cards for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday Cards as well as Get Well Soon Cards. Easy and oh so cute.

Easy Pop Up Cow Card with fun cow puns

My son loves cows! So for HIS birthday, we need a quirky cow card. Here is a fun pop up card making process. Enjoy this 3d Pop Up Cow Card!

Pop Up Monsters

Having a Monster Party? Send a Monster Card to go with it! Printable templates available.

Classic chick pop up card

This pop up card uses the classic “Pop Up Beak Technique” that I am sure you are familiar with from your own childhood card making sessions. They are super simple and just so fun.

Fabulous and easy 3d Birthday Pop Up card - adapt this for weddings
A cake theme is great for Birthdays or as Wedding Cards

Finally, I love this step by step Pop Card for Birthdays – basically any celebration that involves a cake! Again, it is a suprisingly easy pop up card for kids to make and looks fabulous. These would look adorable as Wedding Cards – instead of candle’s pop a little “Mr and Mrs” on the top.. add some lace to the cake decor..

Other 3D Card How Tos

I wanted to add a cheeky extra “3D Card How To” sections.. these cards are not strickly speaking POP UP. Well they are not pop up.. but they are 3D and simply gorgeous and definitely worth a look.

3D Card Making ideas - emoji valentines day cards

First up, our introduction to Paper Quilling and how to make this Emoji 3D Card.

3D Card making ideas - paper quilling for kids - valentines

… which was based on this rather lovely paper quilled heart card for beginners. These would be lovely for anniversaries! Right?

And we also have a LOVELY Quilled Christmas Tree Card version too.

Paper Quilled Shamrock Card

Again.. not a pop up card, but gorgeous non the less.. check out our Paper Woven Chick & Egg Cards for Easter!

I hope you will agree that these make great Pop Up Cards for Kids and that hopefully your kids will have LOTS of fun making these!

Be sure to pop back regularly to this list of cards as we have new designs coming all the time! Many with handy printable templates to help you make beautiful cards quickly and easily! So, grab your paper, pen, pencils and cardstock and lets get making today!

Easy Pop Up Card How To Projects. Do you (or your kids! Teehee!) LOVE making cards? Add an extra dynamic to your homemade cards and turn them into POP UP cards.. oh what a little extra paper can do to transform your Card Making DIYs.... These are simple and easy cards for kids to make and you to enjoy! Love.